Too Much Choice for Tom Felton is Captured for Posterities Sake

For those of you that follow Tom’s Twitter, you may remember how the poor lad was all upset that he wasn’t able to take a guitar home with him after spending some quality time in a local guitar shop.

Tom Felton: hey all!! went to a guitar shop in tokyo today, wanted to take everything home with me! left with nothing however! #toomuchchoice

Thanks to one of Tom’s handlers in Japan, SovJapan, we now have a photo of Tom and his choices courtesy of their blog at Yahoo.

Loosely, and I mean loosely translated from the original Japanese:

I received an email immediately after returning from the TOM-kun.
Anyway, I had a great time of human Koto. If you come to pick you off, you better come to the autograph session from a distance, you wait a long time and people had to say hello to everyone and please all.

His feelings always come back again next year, and was’d live to see many people as possible.

Inconvenience to everyone that the clumsiness of many Harikore Everyone has repented, we have also seen improvements again. I will apologize for this occasion.

And now prepare to enter the venue for next year more and more excitement. There is also live to dance I do not mind they’ve been to, some insecurity.存Jimasu there that you will take on a big heart to everyone’s understanding. So, enjoy the next year, please spend a wonderful Christmas.

I will put up a shot with a single guitar shop in Shibuya alone.

Thanks for sharing, sovjapan!

7 thoughts on “Too Much Choice for Tom Felton is Captured for Posterities Sake

  1. Shibuya-ku! One of the favorites spots where the tokoite youth love hanging around!

    I wonder if Thomas’s suceeded to see the statue of Hachiko (the key meeting spot), the faithful Akita dog which waited for ten for his Master’s return, at this very metro station…

    With Love,


  2. Here is my rough translation.
    This is better than machine one, I believe. 🙂

    Tom Went Back

    Tom went back to the UK and he sent us an e-mail from his home.
    He wrote that he had a very good time in Japan, and send his best regards to all who came to see him.

    Also he would like to come back to Japan next year, and hopefully have a live stage.

    We are preparing his next visit to Japan.

    added photo: Tom at the guitar shop in Shibuya, Tokyo.

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