Tom Felton Shows No Love to Matt Lewis

In what could only be described as a ribbing between friends (we hope), in a new report coming out of this past weekend’s Magic Christmas fan event, Tom cheerily turned down Matt’s request for Tom’s Six String Productions to sign Matt’s own band to their label.

A few minutes later I actually learned that Matthew was playing guitar in a band. And he was saying that he would ask Tom Felton to sign his band in his label (Six String Production), so he called Tom and waved at him, who was two meters away at another table “Tom! You would sign my band in your label right?” Tom laughed and said “Nah mate!”.

Such love…

8 thoughts on “Tom Felton Shows No Love to Matt Lewis

  1. Tom have a very beautiful smile!^^
    I hope this is not no love and that it’s just a ribbing between friend yeah i think it is!:)
    Poot Matt ^^! Well Tom has laughed so…..

  2. I think this was just a tease coming out from Thomas’s share.

    I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t let Matthew down, or even refusing him such a request, should he really need to find a label willing to release his music.

    With Love,


  3. I don’t know where to ask this question so I put it here, do anyone know what kind of guitar Tom has? :))
    Sorry my bad english..

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