Magic of Melbourne has cast its spell on Tom Felton

We’ve uploaded earlier today a photo of Tom with the stars Clare Kramer and Jodelle Ferland by Kate McMahon. She is a confidential reporter for the Herald Sun in Melbourne. Here is now the photo in a better quality together with a small article.

HARRY Potter star Tom Felton has been avoiding Melbourne, scared he may never want to leave.

Felton, who plays albino baddie Draco Malfoy in the movie franchise has been in town since Monday, catching up with his brother, who lives near Williamstown.

“He went travelling six years ago and it was meant to be for three months. That’s the reason I hadn’t come before — I was worried it might have a similar effect,” Felton said. “It’s exactly what everyone has said — a sunnier, friendlier, more carefree version of England.”

Felton will turn out this weekend for the Supanova pop culture festival at Melbourne Showgrounds with Twilight’s Bree, Jodelle Ferland , and Buffy goddess Clare Kramer.

Ferland and Kramer have been hitting the shops in Melbourne’s CBD and attended the premiere of Paul last night.

Jodelle Ferland who plays Bree in Twilight, Tom Felton, Draco in Harry Potter, and Clare Kramer from Buffy are in Melbourne for a pop culture festival. Picture: Fiona Hamilton HWT Image Library

9 thoughts on “Magic of Melbourne has cast its spell on Tom Felton

  1. I can honestly say Tom reminds me a little bit of Gordon Ramsey when he has that positon. And I’m a very big fan od Gordon as well, so for me it’s not a bad thing at all!

    • Gordon Ramsey?! Oh please! No, there is absolutely no resemblance to Ramsey!! No way!! 😉
      Am I the only one that don’t know any of the other stars?

  2. I like this picture:) I congratulate you, Tom, because you took part in this festival. I am sincerely happy for you! I see that Australia has a positive influence on you!

    With Love,


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