2 new video interviews with Tom Felton

Thanks to John Alcantar that he let us know that Tom gave Melbourne’s premier news organisation “The Age” an interview this morning. Also thanks for the pic. Click on the photo below and you will be redirected to the page with the video.

Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter films, chats about road-tripping in Australia and being bullied at school.

These photos are also from today. Thanks to Conor Ayres and Kate McMahon.

@TomFelton The award you always wanted! Thanks for taking the time to chat to us! #studio3 #Abc3

Met 3 wonderful actors today – @tomfelton, @ClareKramer and @jodellemicah – if only every interview was as easy!

Yesterday First News gave us a sneak preview of the interview with Tom and today they published it.

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4 thoughts on “2 new video interviews with Tom Felton

  1. Oh, Tom, thanks for the very interesting interview! Photos are also very cool! Yes, I agree Tom is definitely loves to pose with his fans.

    With Love,


  2. hahahaha, “First Harry, then Ron, then Hagrid, Hermione, you know the usual, until I finally went ofr the part of Draco” spot on! (I know that’s not what he REALLY said, but as close as I remembered without checking 🙂

    “I have always thought of being a great Hermone, I was surprised I never really cast, I mean, Emma’s good, but she doesn’t really got the depth I would have brought to the character” Tom, my dear dear Tom, you just made my day.

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