Tom Felton answers fan questions

Today, Harry Potter EA published Tom’s answers to some fan questions on their facebook page.

Tom Felton visited the EA Bright Light Studios with our EA Reporters last week and answered some of the hundreds of questions you posted for him. See if yours was picked – and learn what Tom thinks about the new videogame, playing Draco Malfoy, and mangoes.

Kelsey Buchanan
What do you miss the most about being Draco Malfoy?
“Wow – it’s hard to really pick one thing. I miss being miserable. (Smiles) The beauty of playing Draco is that his range of expressions started from snarling to looking rather miserable. So while everyone else had to dance around looking happy, I got to stand at the back of the room and sulk miserably. Which is really easy to do and quite therapeutically fun. So, yeah, definitely miss that.”

Lina-Marie Catto
You said in an interview several years ago, that kids were scared of you as a result of his Harry Potter character. Years on, do you still find this is the case, or do you find you’re recognised as an actor and not as Draco Malfoy?
“I’m definitely more recognised as the Draco Malfoy guy than Tom the actor. Most of them have no idea what I’m talking about when I say, ‘No, actually my name is Tom’. They say ‘No, no, you’re Draco’. A lot of people find it hard to see in between the lines. Yeah, little kids are still pretty wary around me, that hasn’t changed. Especially the nine and unders – they’re very resistant to hand shakes. But kids are getting braver as the films get older I think. I’m always amazed that some six-year-old will say, ‘Yeah, I’m a big fan of the films’ and I think ‘Wow, you’ve seen all the films and you’re only six years old – you’re a brave little soldier, man’. I would be terrified if I saw Voldemort at that age.”

Catherine Hayton
What’s it like being a bad guy? Do you wish you were on Harry’s side?
“Definitely not. No. Harry’s got enough people on his side. I enjoy playing someone who’s on the opposite. Someone’s got to represent the other side, the Slytherins. So, yeah, I revel in every minute I get a chance to play opposite.”

Carlos Alberto Muñoz López
Which one is your favourite Harry Potter videogame?
“The first one is a favourite, because it was the first time I’d ever seen Harry Potter as a game, which was always going to be very exciting. The Half-Blood Prince, we had a lot of fun on a couple of years back on the Wii with the duelling on that. Obviously I’m very excited about this new game as well.”

Bianca ✫ Maistre
Would you be friends with Draco if he were a real person?
(Laughs). “Probably not, no. I think I’d be the guy that tries to put him down. (Smiles) There’s not much to like really is there with Draco? I can’t imagine giving him the time of day. I’d probably befriend Neville.”

Caitlin Schmitz
What is your favourite memory of Harry Potter and which is your favourite Harry Potter film or book?
“It’s so hard to pick one memory. I remember the first time we went to the Great Hall – that is one moment that I’ll never forget. We’d never seen the Great Hall before – they actually filmed our reactions for the film, because they knew it was going to be impressive for us looking in to it. I enjoyed the second book – that’s my favourite. That was the book that got me into Harry Potter. And film-wise, the latest are always the best generally because of the theming and the special effects and all that kind of stuff.”

Melissa Manard
What do you see in your future? Are you going to continue acting or take a break?
“I hope to continue acting. Definitely. It’s kind of weird since Harry’s finished. It’s exciting and also quite nerve-wracking– you don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve been lucky enough to do a couple of other films and fingers crossed I’ll be lucky enough to keep doing that for a bit longer.”

Daniz Aryany
If you didn’t play Draco, which one of the other characters would you like to have played?
“I always thought I’d be a good Hagrid, but there was a size issue they said. (Smiles) I don’t know really. I can’t really see myself playing any of the other characters. But, I hope in another twenty years, if they do a remake, I’ll get to play Lucius – that will be cool, to come back and play my Dad.”

Tow Jia Hao
If you could have an Animagus form, what would it be?
“A dog, definitely. I’d be like a friendly, cool dog. Like a black Lab.”

Which character are you most looking forward to playing as in the game?
“Neville will be fun. I’m excited to see Neville because he’s one of the heroes of the last film.”

Glenn Adhitya
Do you like mangoes?
“That’s a nice easy one. No. (Smiles)”

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  1. But there are various types of mangoes! There’s the sour hard green ones, and there’s the sweet soft yellow ones! Personally I love the yellow ones but I don’t care for the green ones. In fact I quite loathe the green ones. So do try other types of mangoes first, Tom. Lol.

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