11 thoughts on “Full Video: Tom Felton at David Letterman’s Late Show

  1. Why did they have him on the show when they are just going to talk over him? Tom was so good though. Thats why we love him!!

  2. how annoying those two are! gaaah it took more than two minutes before he had a chance to speak, and when that time came he got interrupted. what is it with people and cutting Tom off all the time? why is it so hard for people to show some respect?

    Tom my dear, you are amazing. let’s just hope that your interviewers will realize that and shut up when you are near them!

  3. Regis was so annoying! I never think he’s funny at all, why is he even on TV? Why did they have to spoil it, poor Tom.

  4. Everyone seems so upset that Tom was caught up in this situation, but I think, since he knows both of the men, that it would be a highly amusing situation to be in, and a nice break from the usual.
    And if you’ll note, Tom was laughing all the way through. lol

    • I honestly think he was laughing because he was being polite, and really, what else could he have done short of walking off the set? He had to carry on like it wasn’t bothering him. I can’t really see how he could have found it amusing. I think he must have wondered what on earth he was doing there at all, since they really were not interested in HIM, just in hearing themselves blather on.

  5. Methinks Tom was but a piece of lettuce in their ham sandwich. His presence was incidental. I agree with Snatalia – nice break from the usual!

    • Totally incidental, I agree. It was bizarre and really upsetting to see an actor who is so intelligent, well-spoken and charming get treated that way. Do not agree that it could possibly have been a nice break from the usual for Tom. Weird as hell, frustrating, possibly embarrassing, yes.

  6. I felt terrible for Tom! Regis was incredibly irritating, with his stupid comments and constant attempts to upstage Tom, and David Letterman was no better. And I also hated how they talked overTom, hardly ever letting him get a word in. However, Tom was gracious and a professional throughout, UNLIKE Philbin and Letterman. What they did was disgraceful. They really owe him an apology! Anybody who feels the way I do should complain to CBS: cbsmailbag@aol,com. Your thoughts count!

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