Tom Felton’s interviews with FOX2now and myFOXla

Yesterday morning, Tom Felton gave interviews via satellite. FOX2now and myFOXla published them on their sites.

Tom Felton, one of the cast members of the new movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, took on a new role for last night’s premier in New York: pizza delivery man. He handed out pizza to hungry fans. Fans know him better as the dark wizard Draco Malfoy. He spoke with us on FOX 2 News at 11am.


Tom Felton has starred in all seven “Harry Potter” movies as Harry’s bully and enemy “Draco Malfoy.” On Tuesday Tom talked to us via satellite about playing “Draco,” and his future acting plans.

Tom “Draco” Felton Talks Harry Potter:

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