Tom Felton in the show “TODAY”

Last week Tom was at the show “TODAY” and spoke about the end of Harry Potter.

They displayed a statement by JK Rowling about Tom and the character of Draco Malfoy.

“Draco evolved from a fairly two-level dimensional bully to a very complex character. Tom blew us away with what he did with the role, as Draco began to crack and show a range of emotion you would never have expected from early films.”

Watch in the video how Tom responded.

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2 thoughts on “Tom Felton in the show “TODAY”

  1. Yes, of course, only with Tom Felton who played Draco Malfoy.
    I think that this character, a lot of emotion and the most important thing to put the soul into the character.
    When Tom played Draco,what attracted me,and I look like a bully has changed with each film, slowly, of course, he begins to understand, difficult life. I think it’s good.
    Another actor is not suitable for this role, she would not have changed was quite different. 🙂
    And the modern, I know that Draco like that unusual and very attractive. 🙂
    And that, I just do not want to hurt Harry, Hermione, Ron of course, forgive me for revelation, but it’s true.
    Harry Potter, of course, primarily because of positive characters. 🙂

    Here’s my final conclusion.

  2. hello tom i’m sure is alrealy morning over there where you live anyway i’m just going to say hi tom and goodmorning how are you today bye

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