Tom Felton drew the winners for the RingCon tickets

The winners of our ticket raffle for the RingCon have been determined.

As we usually say with these types of events, though Tom has accepted the invitation to attend RingCon and plans to go, these things are months away and there is always the chance that he may be forced to change plans (like, if he gets a film offer). However, Tom thought it was great that we got tickets to the event, and wanted to help with the raffle to give his fans free tickets! So, he happily picked these numbers for us! Thank you Tom! 🙂

Tom called for the gold ticket, of course, the number 22.

This 22 gave

Iole I. from Cava De’ Tirreni/Italy

luck, because she wrote email 22 and won the gold ticket.

– and one each of 3 times 2 weekend tickets have won:

Anne-Kristoffy B., Saint Jean, France

Pauline P., Clichy, France

Sofia B., Själevad, Sweden

 Congratulations to all winners and have fun at the RingCon! The winners have already been notified.

To all who have not won, a big SORRY, but maybe you have luck next time.

RingCon is a great convention with many stars, fans and a lot of fun! If you didn’t win, but nevertheless like to get tickets for the RingCon, simply go to their official site where you can buy the tickets.


3 thoughts on “Tom Felton drew the winners for the RingCon tickets

  1. Does this mean he won’t come again to the Ring Con? Do you know anything about it? Thanks and congrats to the winners! ^^

    • He plans to come, but he can not see into the future. There are still over 2 months to RingCon. Do you understand what I mean?

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