Tom Felton’s possible LA press tour tomorrow

I have not yet been able to independently verify this information, but I’ve had several people tweet me that Tom has a few press appearances tomorrow that you all should know about! Keep in mind that – at this point – these are just rumors.

But, since he often does several things in one day, the fact that I’m hearing about all three things lends some credence to the rumors. =)

Firstly, I’ve been told Tom is set to do a live interview with Good Day LA tomorrow morning. You can tweet them to ask if this is true, or maybe suggest questions. The show’s Twitter is:

And according to the internets, the hosts are:

Next, I’ve seen a few tweets mentioning a live appearance on G4’s ATTACK OF THE SHOW. This page lists their celebrity guests, and I don’t see Tom, so I’m not sure now how true this rumor is.

That being said, feel free to contact the show at:

And the host at:

Last but not least, I’ve been told a few times on Twitter that Tom is supposed to be on E! News tomorrow. I can’t confirm this via the internets, but please let us know if you hear anything! You can tweet E! News at:

UPDATE: @iL0VESEAMUS on Twitter says that they are playing commercials for a Tom Felton interview. So this is possible! =)

One thought on “Tom Felton’s possible LA press tour tomorrow

  1. Can’t wait! Jillian Reynolds and I share the same exact first and last name, so now I really wish I were her. 🙁 Haha.

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