Tom Felton has a video message for the German fansite

Jonas Hahn from the German fansite spoke with Tom at the EA Games press day. During this interview, they recorded a video message by Tom for the team and the members of the site. By the way, the site is now 10 years old. Congratulations!

Click on the screenshot below and you will be redirected to the video.

They also spoke about the EA video game and Germany.

Tom, you have a huge fan base in Germany. You were also already there …
Yes, Germany is really great. I wish I could come back pretty soon.

That’s exactly my question. Have you any plans?
It is unfortunately still not certain. I wanted to come two times to visit and each time I had to cancel at short notice due to filming. But I have another request for this autumn. Hopefully it works this time, that would be cool!

Tom, I didn’t know that you’re also a big video player. Until now it was thought that only of the Phelps twins.
Constantly any designers and programmers were on set with us. At some point I’ve thought, I look at the games. And at the last adventure I’ve become slightly addicted. I think they’re really well done, very scary and exciting action-packed. It’s great to walk through Hogwarts and gamble the missions.

Were you involved in development?
A little bit. We had already recorded my text passages some time ago, so that I didn’t need it this time. But once I was in the studio and looked around, what the guys and gals producing here. There’s really a great effort behind such a game.

Is there a favorite character for you?
In the last adventure here it’s in fact Neville.

Because he changed from a shy nerd into a hero?
Right! His role evolved fantastic and Neville is such an important part. He was always underestimated.

Tom talks in the interview about a request for Germany in autumn. This is the fantasy convention RingCon in Bonn/Germany (we already reported) – Click on their site for more info.

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