More videos of Tom Felton at RingCon

We have more vidoes of Tom at RingCon from the “Opening Ceremony” , autograph session and from a panel. thanks to all for uploading the videos to YouTube.

Opening Ceremony (Tom at 17:00):

autograph session:

Tom with Dobby at 6:19 :


I’ve already uploaded many photos in our gallery. Click here.

My RingCon report will follow tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “More videos of Tom Felton at RingCon

  1. Oh man, this is so frustrating!
    My best friend and I wanted to see Tom so bad! The program said he was there for photos from 3pm to 4pm, but when we wanted to go in this damn photo-room at half past 3, this damn security woman didn’t let us in anymore. She said we missed Tom around 2 minutes or so.
    I was so frustrated that I cried D: !

  2. Maybe this isn’t the right place, but I don’t know where else to put it: just wanted to thank you Jade for giving me that most adorable smile! And for talking to me! You looked even more enchanting in reality than on any of the pics I’ve seen! Thank you! Hope to meet you again some day.

    (Sorry, but I had to communicate that.)

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