Feltbeats.com’s report about the RingCon with Tom Felton

First of all, it was a great weekend.

Do you remember the stickers for the RingCon last year? This year I made again stickers for the RingCon visitors welcome-bags.

On Friday, 14th October 2011,  at 10:30 am the press conference was started, unfortunately without Tom but with a lot stars from LotR, Twilight, Vampire Diaries …

Tom was at that moment still on his way, but at the “Opening Ceremony” he was there.

Tom was happy to be in Germany and liked it, how warm he was welcomed.

Saturday morning was the first photo shooting, in the afternoon the autograph session and after that, in the evening was the first panel with Tom. All 3 events were crowded, the waiting lines for the photos and autographs were really long, but Tom held by till the last fan.

Even if it was kind of in a hurry while the shooting, because a lot of fans wanted a photo with Tom and the photograph needed sometimes to redo the photo (I think it was cool, that the photograph did take a look if the photo was good or not – for the photo 1 of my daughter and Tom there was a redo.): Tom was in a good mood.

The autograph session was on the first floor in the foyer, so that everybody could stay in the background and wouldn’t block the passage. On the same level was the room for the fan sites Potterunited, T4F (Twilight for fans) and TomFeltonFans Germany. Because of the fact, that my daughter helped Andi from PU, I was able to take pictures while Tom wrote autographs. By the way, at the autograph session we gave him some gifts and I think he loves them. It was a mini choco fondue with MILKA chocolate and Cati gave him a puzzle of Timber. (Unfortunately we have no pictures of it.)

The Auction of the Harry Potter autographs was at the same time, and we haven’t thought about it and missed it.

In the evening was the panel with Tom and it was so funny. Filming wasn’t allowed, so the questions and answers must be noted or remembered. At the end of my report is a summary of the panels from both days.

On Sunday morning was again an autograph session with Tom, at the same place as the first one. My daughter and I did take a short look for a few photos.

short Video of autograph session 1 and 2:

But, only watching can be boring after a while and Tom needed a break too, so we went to the other sections (the GameStop bus with the Nintendo 3DS and xbox was great, but to cold – air conditioner) 😉

At 2 pm was the second panel with Tom and like the first one it was fun and as support he had again the “Master of Ceremonies” Mark Ferguson (LotR) by his side. After the panel Tom went straight to the photo session and again, the waiting line was really long. We took the chance again to get another picture with Tom (you never know when the next chance will come). 😉

Unfortunately Tom wasn’t able to stay any longer due to business reasons and he wasn’t at the Closing Ceremony. And god, he did miss really something. Sometimes I almost was on the ground because I laughed so hard.

Like every year, there were again many tables with fantasy articles and you could again meet many nice people. At the costume- and talent contest were so many cool costumes and the selfmade fan videos were great!

By the way, Mark Ferguson (LotR)  as Master of Ceremonies was again fantastic and his assistant, the little Mark, was also wonderful. Lori Dungey (LotR) as mini Mark was brilliant.

You can see more photos of Tom in our gallery or on my photobucket account with many other photos of the RingCon (eight albums).

I really like it, that the stars can move free in the hotel without being harassed by fans (this reminds me of a particular meeting in the lift – we came from the hotel pool and a star came from his sport session. We took the same lift, Cati and I just said “Hello” and “Bye”, because we did not want to be pushy. Cati did have a wonderful experience by herself: She was sitting during one panel next to a very nice, good known person and did a chat with this person).

As I heard from many fans, the stars were in the evening down at the piano bar, just between all others. I’ve also seen some stars at night and can confirm this, but we were never down there so late into the night, because at some point Cati was tired and we went to our room. A friend told me, that he stood next to Tom at the bar, when my friend brought himself a beer.

Unfortunately we couldn’t interview Tom, because he didn’t got permission for interviews. If I understood it correctly, he gave the German BRAVO Magazine an interview. I think we can read this in the near future.

It’s really a pity, that I don’t have answers to the questions you’ve sent us, but I’ve saved them and maybe sometimes we got a good opportunity to ask them. Who knows! They’ll not be lost. Of course, I could have asked the questions in the panel, but there were so many fans present, who had their own questions, so I thought it would’ve been unfair to take them that moment.

Here is a brief summary of the panel:

TomFeltonEU asked many questions at the panel and already uploaded them with Tom’s answers. Thanks!

Steph: If Team Felton came into your house, what would they find in your fridge?
Tom (laughs): You want to come into my fridge?
Steph: No Team Felton wants to look into your fridge!
Tom: Oh I wasn’t prepared for fridge questions, I should have taken a look into it. There is some ordinary stuff like milk, pancakes and beer
(BTW later someone asked which was his favourite German beer and he answered (after considering that Budweiser isn’t German) that it is Becks)

Beth: If you could ask your fans a question, what would it be?
Tom: Why they came to be a fan, to share about their fanworld and What’s in your fridge? (lol)

Betty: We are at RingCon which started as a Lord of the Rings Convention. Do you like Lord of the Rings?
(Mark Ferguson warns him to give the right answer LOL)
Tom: Of course! I watched the first one just before “Rise of the Apes” because of Andy Serkins and I am very excited for “The Hobbit”

Sunny: How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?
(Tom does not understand this question, as expected lol, so it is explained for him)
Tom: I guess 18 is a great age, so I think I would be 18, you can already drink and drive then! But don’t drink and drive at the same time, that’s not a good idea. Don’t drink and drive!

Betty: Do you have any bad habits? Like having your hands in your pockets that often?
Tom (laughs) That’s considered as a bad habit?
Mark: In Germany it is as it seems
Tom: Oh well, yes, then I have a bad habit with having my hands in my pockets very often. And sleeping in! Is sleeping in a bad habit in Germany? I am sure it is! Germany is weird with bad habits.

Steph: What was your favourite TV Show when you were little? Really litte!
Tom: Really little? Let me think. The Simpsons? What was yours?
Steph: Ducktales!
Tom: Yeah! Ducktales was great! And Looney Toons! (he told of something more but we don’t remember! Sorry!)
Wow that was really a never asked question, thanks lovely!

Lisa: We know by now that you like Lush bathbombs and Molton Brown soap but with what do you wash your hair?
Tom (smiles): Ehm…shampoo? No specific shampoo actually, but when I had blonde hair, I had to use special shampoo and conditioner that my hair won’t fall out! Now I always use the cheapest shampoo, guess that’s a male thing.

Alberta: What’s the weirdest thing you ever ate?
Tom: The weirdest thing? Oh, I haven’t got a very strong stomach so I don’t eat many weird things. But when I was in South Africa I ate antelope, ostrich, which I didn’t like and crocodile! Crocodile actually is like chicken, so you can also eat chicken.

Franzi: Does Timber share the bed with you?
Tom: No! She doesn’t sleep in my bed. I am very strict with this, you have to be strict. She used to sleep in dog beds but she always destroyed them and I found this cellular material of the dog beds in the whole house , so now she has a part of the couch to sleep on.
Only once she was allowed to share the bed with me. We were stuck in France one night and stayed in a very cheap hotel and she was so scared, I let her sleep in my bed. But actually she fell out of my bed that night, because I made a move with my foot! (shows a kick move)

Vivien: What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Tom (laughs out loud): Ehm…get out of bed? (smiles) Haha, well, I do really normal things in the morning, making tea or coffee, brush my teeth, walk Timber. I must seem very ordinary now as I really have no special answer on this. I am very ordinary (laughs again)

Fiona: Do you play music by sheet or by hearing?
Tom: mostly by hearing. I can read music but I am not very good in it, so I play music by hearing.

Betty: Describe something that happened to you for which you have no explanation
Tom: Like magical things?
Betty: Yes
Tom (thinks): I tend to forget about these things quite fast because they freak me out. So I have nothing to tell right now, sorry!

And here some other questions from fans and other situations during the panels:

Fan: Who is your favorite football team?
Tom: “Dangerous question in this country. What’s yours?”
Fan: “1. FC Köln.”
Tom: “What a surprise, that’s mine too!” But then he said, that football is not so interesting for him, but friends of him support ManU and the family of Jade is fan of Arsenal London, so he is for both teams.

Then he would asked, if he would sing for us, but he didn’t want. Another question was about his inspiration for his songs. He answered, that many stuff inspire him: his dog Timber, if he walks in the park with her ​​and sees things, everything, his girlfriend Jade …
Then he did us a suggestion; he could write a song about RingCon. We were all agreed with it. We will see. 😉

correction – thanks to his mum Fiona for the hint 😉 :
At the first panel a little boy with the name Alex asked Tom when he is bringing out a new song. Tom answered that he did not yet know when he would bring out a new song, but that he always has his guitar and looks for inspiration but thanked him for his interest! On the second panel Alex asked another question. This time about the puppy and Tom remembered his name and was so nice to him! Tom told the whole puppy-saving story.

Tom was asked about a funny situation during the shooting for Harry Potter and he told about Warwick and segways, because he got a small segway, special for him. It looked great.

Another fan asked, why he has on each photo the same facial expression.
Tom said, that it’s difficult to grin for an hour or more. Therefore he has become to a permanent timid smile.

And then came another special moment for my daughter. She went to the microphone and asked a question:

Do you have a name for your favorite guitar, sort of a nickname?
Tom replied that he have no name for his guitar, he calls his guitar to the manufacturers like Taylor, Cole .. He gives no nicknames like Barbara or so – And he said again: “Sorry!” , because he could not answer the question positively.

By the way, he said after each answer in German “Danke” or “Dankeschön” (Thank you). 🙂

There were so many questions, but I could not keep them all. Sorry! 😉 But I hope I’ve remembered correctly to some of the questions and answers.

It was really a very great weekend. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Feltbeats.com’s report about the RingCon with Tom Felton

  1. That was a great report and brought back so many happy memories-thank you! I am a total fan girl after this weekend!
    Not important at all, but my son, Alex at the first panel asked Tom when he is bringing out a new song as we are such fans of his music! It was only on the second day he asked about the puppy and we couldn’t believe that Tom remembered his name and was so nice to him! (BTW he answered that he did not yet know when he would bring out a new song, but that he always has his guitar and looks for inspiration but thanked him for his interest!)
    Just added in to let you know! Thanks again for a great report.

    • Forgot to saY, thank you so much for the sticker. Mine is adorning my iPad cover, until I can afford a snazzy Tom Felton cover!

  2. I laughed so hard when a girl came up to ask a question and that girl was dressed as a Hufflepuff. So Tom asked her before she could say anything: Are you a Hufflepuff?
    And the girls answered:
    Tom’s reaction was so cool:

  3. Actually, I asked him what his favourite beer in general was, I even asked him, if it was Fosters, but he seemed to think he could hardly say an English brand, so he went with a German one…
    just wanted to clear that up…

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