Video: Tom Felton throws Harry Potter a wand in the battle of Hogwarts

Thanks Sabkay for uploading the video of the exclusive documentary “When Harry Left Hogwarts” to YouTube. The video is a part of the special disc from the Blu-ray “Harry Potter and the Deahtly Hallows – Part 2” . Tom speaks in part 1 at 7:47 and in part 2 at 3:28 .

David Yates spoke in an interview with SnitchSeeker about a scene where Draco throws Harry a wand. You can see the scene in part 1 at 20:28.


Unfortunately, it seems that Sabkay has deleted the videos, so here only the scene where Draco throws his wand to Harry :

By the way, here’s a longer version of a “Behind the scenes” video from the “Room of Requirement”, if you have not seen it yet. Thanks to MOVIECLIPSextras for uploading.


PotterPix uploaded a pic of Draco and Harry from the Room of Requirement

and a new photo of Tom:

3 thoughts on “Video: Tom Felton throws Harry Potter a wand in the battle of Hogwarts

  1. Wow, I am really impressed by how much the stunt doubles truly look like Dan and Tom! Nice for the Tom double to say Tom did most of the climbing and falling stunt, I certainly couldn’t tell from a distance who was who.

    Still sad it’s over now.

  2. Wow, this was posted the day after my birthday. 😛 Anyway, the Room of Requirement scene has always been my favorite, so I was glad to see how it was made.

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