Some reports and more photos of Tom Felton at the “Hollywood Show”

Yesterday was Tom at the “Hollywood Show” in LA (we reported here) and now we have more photos of him (Thanks to Carla (@prchrzdtr) for sharing her many photos of him with us) and some small reports about the meeting with him. Thanks to all for sharing these special moments with us. 🙂

So this is the autograph I got today at Hollywood Show!

He called me “hello lovely” xxxx my friend and I say we come from China but we are students here and he goes “UCLA?” and then starts talking about his experience in westwood and how he likes the in n out there.

When I ask him to sign as above, the guard is like “no you can only sign the name” but he says “no no no I can do whatever she wants” he didn’t get this at first but after I repeat the phrase for several times apparently he got the joke

After we’re done with the photo op he’s so nice and tell us to take care and “bye bye” but we are just too shy to say anything back guess it’s kinda awkward lol

credit: Rhine1217 


I went to a Hollywood Autograph Show in Burbank with my dad and bff Forest. I didn’t know he was going to be there until last minute which made Forest decide to come as well! Gotta tell you, best Saturday ever!

So after Forest and I got in, we started hunting down Tom Felton, looking for him in the over crowded room. We couldn’t seem to find him in the haze of people. Suddenly, Forest starts squealing, grabs my shirt and hides behind me. I’m like WTF?! She then tells me to look forward, and I do. Right there, is fucking Tom Felton at the table signing. I gasped, fangirled for a moment, and then turned to say something only to realize Forest just did a fucking houdini on me. I turned like three times, going, “What the hell—Where did you go?!” I did it like three more times before she came back out from the hall.

So we get in line, and pretty much talk about him. I’m starting to feel butterflies and want to vomit. I mean, I’ve been watching this guy since I was 9. I was fangirling! So we finally get to him, and omg, HE’S SO FUCKING SWEET!

He says Hello and asked us how we were doing. He offers Forest a handshake and myself, introducing ourselves. He then acknowledged my Beatles tee-shirt going, “I like your shirt. Fellow Beatles lover?”

I nearly died right there but said yeah. Forest asked if she could take a picture of him(she will post later). He of course said he couldn’t pose but it was fine. He joked how he was trying to follow the rules cuz he was a first timer. This brought up my question, “Dude, what are you even doing here?” Why I asked this was beacuse the show was mostly filled with old stars from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Along with the 80’s as well, and I’m a freak for that. He replied by saying, “I was in L.A.”

I nearly wanted to say, “Well hell I am totally loving you man.” But I kept it in. Then he said, “I mean, California is the best state ever, right?” Thus Forest replied(note: the girl only had an hour of sleep, and was on pure adrenaline), “NO! It sucks! I’m trying to get away from here!” Tom laughed, surprised and asked, “To where?” Forest told him to Utah which made him laugh again, and asking in a wtf tone “What’s in Utah?” We both replied college and he of course said that was a good enough reason. He gave me the autographed photo, wished us the best, and we left.

Thus she and I started gushing about his accent because just holy shit, SO ENGLISH! But overall, he was sweet, and VERY polite. I’m still reeling over the fact I met him because I had no idea it would happen in a million years….also I get to joke with Forest how she was snarky with Tom Felton. I’ve been telling her he’s gonna remember her as that sassy American. She almost hit me. XD

credit: Maggie 

Tom very Slytherin-like 😉 :

He wasn’t supposed to take pictures with us unless we paid 40 dollars for a photo shoot with him (the manager or whatever didn’t allow him to do it) but since we had to come back to Tijuana he said he could go out (of the event) and take the picture with us as long as we hid :’) <3

credit: Jessica 

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  1. OH MY GOD ! I’m …. Oh I really really want to see Tom I really love love him ……. Sb tell him <3 what should i do :&
    He is my life 😉

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