Photos of Tom Felton at his panel at MegaCon – Day 2

The panel with Tom is just over.  We already have some photos of Tom, but it will come even more photos.

Thanks to BassoonjediXimenah, Karisa M and Caitlyn C for the photos.

During the panel has Harry Potter’s Page tweeted “live updates”. Thanks!

Q: what is your dream role?
A: Harry? James Bond. Now it’s a Bond villain.

Q: what is the one lesson your role as Draco taught you?
A: Two words: Be Nice! And to not dye your hair blond.

Q: when are you going to make more music?
A: my guitar comes with me everywhere. I hope to release more soon.

Tom is singing happy birthday to someone.

Q: What is your favorite HP toy?
A: let’s go with the collectible bust

Q: what would be your patronus?
A: My dog!

Q: favorite HP moment?
A: dueling scene for the second film

Q: if you could jam with anyone, who would you pick?
A: John Lennon and George Harrison

Q: favorite Hogwart’s professor? A: Lockheart…

Q: crazy fan experience?
A: signing a fan’s wrist

Our feltgirl Betsy (@SouthernBets / @Feltforce) has recorded the panel, so stay tuned for more! 🙂

You can see more photos of Tom at MegaCon in our gallery.

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