Still more photos of Tom Felton at the “Comic Book and Science Fiction Con”

Thanks Alix (@missalix89), we now have still more photos of Tom at the “Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention” from 4th March.

Many more photos in our gallery. Thanks Alix for sending the photos. 🙂

She wrote a little report about her meeting with Tom on her tumblr account:

So yesterday Tom was at the Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention in LA. I live in Northern California so I said, I’m going to travel six hours to go meet him….duh! So I drove down Friday night, spent all day in Disneyland Saturday, got 4 hours of sleep then got up to get ready to meet Tom! I put on my I Love Tom Felton shirt that I got made and grabbed my camera, and my friend and I were off. There weren’t many people in line when we got there, which i didn’t mind. At 10 the doors to the convention open and we’re in! Before we go to the back of the room where Tom will be, we meet the lovely girls from the Los Angeles Dumbledore’s Army! They were all very sweet. Then we go stand in line to meet the man of the day, who didn’t even show up on time, but I wasn’t mad. He looked so gorgeous when he showed up, I almost died! So I’m finally three people away from meeting Tom, and he gets up to go take pictures, trying to cut the line down, which went really fast.

Tom came back to the table, and when I finally got to him I was so nervous. My friend was snapping pics of us chatting. He said he really liked my shirt, and had a huge smile on his face the whole time. He liked my that my name was spelled Alix (with the I) and said it was unique. When he asked what I wanted him to right I said anything he wanted. He started writing and I told him he was my first celebrity crush and he’s like I don’t know how to respond to that. On the pic he wrote “To Alix I <3 you to! Best Wishes! Love Tom Felton Draco <3 xxx Your very sweet!” We chatted a bit about his upcoming projects and how I didn’t finish Planet of the Apes after they killed his character, he said he was flattered. Didn’t talk much about Potter because I’m assuming that’s what everyone else did. I mean everyone was dressed in Potter costumes. That’s why I got my shirt made, I didn’t want to be like everyone else. I mean Tom has done other work besides Potter. I shook his hand and told him it was a pleasure meeting him and he said you too sweetheart. (He was calling everyone else lovely, but not me).

Next I go to the picture line and I’m the fist one in line, but as he finished up autographs they tell us he’s going to get lunch. My friend and I were starving so we went out to get lunch too. We decided on Carl’s Jr. and who decided to go to the same place? None other than Tom himself. I was having a major freak out, but I didn’t bother him. He’s a person just like everyone else, he needs to eat, so he should do it in peace. Everyone was staring at him though. He got up to leave at the same time we did, and everyone was asking for pics and autographs. I just walked by him, and my friend held open the door for him. We got in the car to go back to the convention center, while Tom walked back. I honked at him when we drove by.

Back at the convention center, I get back in the picture line. Since there were only a few people in his autograph line, he did pics first. I finally got to take my pic with him and what does he do? Point at my shirt, or my boobs lol. I shook his hand and went to look on the showroom floor while I waited for my picture to print. I found a cool poster of Tom from Deathly Hallows 2 and purchased it. I went to talk to the DA girls and told them about lunch. I guess they were there when I was talking to Tom at the table and they said I really made his day. I was all smiles. I went back to the area Tom was at, and picked up my picture (above) then went to get my poster signed. I was like I’m back, and he was all smiley. While he was signing I told my friend Tom smelt amazing so she asked him what he was wearing and he said it’s something blue, he liked anything blue. Melting. When he was done signing I was like, Tom can I have a hug please. He said he had been saying no all day, but for me he would. So I hugged him, and as I was hugging him I said I love you Tom, and he said I love you too. I told him what a pleasure it was to meet him again, and he said it was nice meeting me too. He called me his favorite 😀 My friend and I left after that because we had a 6 hour drive home, and I was smiles the whole way!

Thanks Tom for a magical experience.

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  1. That’s so sweet! I wish I had gone! He seems like such a nice guy and it’s great to know that he really is. I really should have but I hope feltbeats will post when he will be signing again so I can go! 🙂

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