More photos of Tom Felton at the Chicago Comic Con

We have more photos of Tom at the Chicago Comic Con this weekend. But we can not post them all, because there are so many photos from yesterday. Therefore here are a few of the new pics. (click here for the first photos)
We will upload all photos from fans to our gallery, if the gallery is working again. Currently we can’t upload pics to the gallery, because Misha is upgrading the database.

photo credit: GettyImages and Splash

Our feltgirls aka Feltforce have also uploaded new photos. The first two photos of Tom are from today.

Do you already know the exclusive interview with Tom by Feltforce member @southernbets, with camera work by Feltbeats AdminĀ @bserlori ? – N O ?! – Please click here !

More videos will come soon! Stay tuned!

Here’s a sneak preview of the Q&A videos of Tom by other fans. Thanks to ritzgrrl and Erik999 !

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