Photos of Tom Felton from his third and last day at New York Comic Con

Yesterday was Tom’s third day at New York Comic Con. On all days, he took photos with fans and signed autographs, but on the last day there was also a Q&A panel. Two of our Feltforce team were also there.

Our admin Bserlori and our feltbeats girl SouthernBets have recorded the full panel.

Here’s a little preview of the panel. Thanks to our friends from SnitchSeeker for the tweets.

Oh @TomFelton joked that he was eager for his wedding to Dan Radcliffe when asked by a fan at #NYCC , and that Dan ‘would wear the dress’.

. @TomFelton said he saw @Mattdavelewis a few days back in London while Matt did @OurBoysThePlay & reminisced about their Harry Potter days.

If @TomFelton was given the right to change Draco’s choice to not fight in Deathly Hallows, he joked he’d go half-way in & cause carnage.

By the way, Lori and Bets got again an interview with Tom. Stay tuned for their report, the video of the panel and for the interview with Tom.

But first we have many photos of Tom from yesterday. Thanks to all for sharing the photos with us. Click here and here for the photos from Friday and Saturday.

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