Tom Felton Gives Shoutout To Fans For His Birthday

This weekend, Feltforce leaders Bserlori and Southernbets were in New York to see Tom Felton, at NY Comic Con. In addition to an EPIC interview (that will be posted soon) Tom was gracious enough to give a quick shoutout to all his fans who sent gifts and well wishes for his Birthday on September 22nd. Check it out!

A huge thank you to Tom for being so gracious to not only us, but all his fans!


One thought on “Tom Felton Gives Shoutout To Fans For His Birthday

  1. That was so sweet of him to do and he looks great in the video. Unfortunately, I can’t hear anything. I checked youtube and I could hear those just fine. That’s not saying it still couldn’t be on my end because this laptop has had audio issues before. Is anyone else having trouble?

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