Tom Felton – Live on stage with guitar

Yesterday, Tom was at the Central SAPC, where some artists / bands played live on stage (Martin Starr w/Common Rotation, Daniel Hart, THE GIRLS w/special guest Ludwig Goransson, Charlyne Yi and Special Guests).

Elizabeth (elizabird) , Rocom and Nicole (@nicolegarciaBDG) had the chance to take a picture with Tom. Thanks for the photos.

Tom Felton (Draco) and I both have our cars boxed in and we are waiting!

#DracoMalfoy ain’t so bad. #harrypotter #slytherin


But there was more at this evening. It was a special night, because Tom was together with Alison Brie & the Girls on stage and played guitar.

Elizabeth: “he played a show tonight at central in Santa Monica and both of our cars were stuck so we had to wait for a bit until someone eventually pulled out!”

We have some photos of Tom live on stage. Unfortunately, the pics have a bad quality.

Hey #tomfelton and #allisonbrie . #music

#tomfelton aka #dracomalfoy far left and #alisonbrie in the middle #community & #harrypotter mashup



The Girls is next and Alison Brie jokingly scolds us for not being at home to watch COMMUNITY’s season premiere. The Girls is basically a singing group backed up by two acoustic guitars. One of the players tonight is Tom Felton, who opts to stand way back in literally a darkened corner of the stage. The setlist is composed of pretty covers of songs like “My Name is Jonas” and “We Are Young,” arranged into folksy harmonies. They know how to complement each other’s shiny voices, and their best moments have flashes of First Aid Kit.

Thanks to Briel (brielster), Sara (saraledger) and Josh (jbrozen) for the photos and Justin for the photo and the little report.


Thanks Kyle Conkright, we finally have a video of Tom on stage. Thank you for sharing with us.

@cyrinafiallo : Video from #TheGirls latest show! … @alisonbrie @juliannaguill #WhiteStripes thanks @TomFelton for guitar skills 🙂

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