Do you remember Tom Felton’s film “White Other”?

Do you remember Tom Felton’s film White Other ? It’s a short film from 2010 and he plays Ray Marsden in this film. (we reported here)

In the dead of night a troubled youth from an East London estate, Ray Marsden (Tom Felton – Harry Potter) stalks into a hospital ward demanding to see the patient. The attendant Nurse, Lynne McDermott (Imelda Staunton – Vera Drake / note from us: Umbridge in HP) is sceptical about Ray’s motives but gradually uncovers the truth about his violent past and in so doing makes a startling discovery that will change both of their lives forever.

Today we found a few more pics of the film and a photo of the whole crew. (photos by Luke Varley)




The crew:


Photogallery “White Other”

You don’t know the film? Watch now:

White Other (Short Film) from Dan Hartley on Vimeo.

 White Other,” was written and directed by Dan Hartley. Dan’s latest film is “Lad: A Yorkshire Story”.

12 thoughts on “Do you remember Tom Felton’s film “White Other”?

  1. Still as depressing as the last time I watched and remains well acted. Sigh, so much of this kind of thing for real in the world.

  2. My first time watching it! Love seeing Harry Potter royalty working together again, in thoroughly different roles.
    Very well done, Tom!

  3. Everyone will probably say i’m insane or stupid, but I didn’t quite understand what this movie was about. So this guy comes in and wants to see the coma patient. And he says it is his brother, and then moments later he says it’s his friend.. And then all the sudden he kills the guy? So like wtf? The coma patient killed Ray’s brother, right? So Ray wanted revenge? Sorry if this sounds so stupid, but I wasn’t sure about the summary.

  4. well acted, i absolutely agree. but i need a subtitle for this, bcos i dont really catch what they say. and i cannot find any. english or bahasa indonesia will be ok. thank you.

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