New pics of Tom Felton as Edward in “From The Rough”

The team of From the Rough has uploaded new photos to their page.

This picture of Tom as Edward is awesome:


The other pics of Tom:



Our “From the Rough” gallery.

The movie is complete and ready to be released, but the team of “From the Rough” needs your help. (we reported here)
They started a Indiegogo campaign and it would be great if you could support the campaign.

You don’t need donate large amounts of money, it already counts $ 1. It is more important that other people see at the end of the campaign that many fans want to see the movie. Besides, you can participate at our raffle to win an autograph of Tom. (click here for more info)

From the Rough’s Indiegogo campaign

By the way, you can of course donate more than $ 1 if you want. 😉

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