Another new interview – Tom Felton talks about ‘Full Circle’ and more

The Columbus Dispatch has published another new interview with Tom Felton. Ian Spelling from New York Times Syndicate talked with him about Full Circle and more.


Much to his satisfaction, Tom Felton has discovered life after Harry Potter.

The young British actor played the devious Draco Malfoy in all seven films of the series, spanning 2001 to 2011.

He has worked steadily since, turning up recently in Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), The Apparition (2012) and two episodes of the upcoming miniseries Full Circle.

And he has several additional projects in the hopper.

“Going back awhile, even to the fourth and fifth Potter films,” Felton said, “I don’t remember actively thinking, ‘I want to do this for the rest of my life.’ It was never something that I embraced and thought, ‘I really want to do this.’”

At that point, though, he began thinking about his future, he said.

“It was probably during the sixth film, when I was 18 or 19, that I had an appreciation for, A, how lucky I was and, B, for what I was doing. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the process.

“So I think after that is when I really started focusing on how I was going to be able to continue doing this.”

The way the 26-year-old Felton sees it, the Potter movies opened doors.

“A project like Full Circle is really the complete opposite of Harry Potter, and, hopefully, it will further my options and keep other doors opening for me,” he said.

Created by writer Neil LaBute, Full Circle unfolds in a restaurant called Ellipsis. Each episode follows two people, with one story — and one character — carrying over to the next. In addition to Felton, the impressive cast includes David Boreanaz, Billy Campbell, Cheyenne Jackson, Minka Kelly, Julian McMahon, Keke Palmer, Ally Sheedy and Kate Walsh.

DirecTV will launch the 10-episode series next Wednesday with “Tim & Bridgette.” Tim (Felton) meets Bridgette (Kelly) at Ellipsis for one last dinner before he heads home to England and back to college. He’d stay, though, if only he could persuade her to leave her husband, Stanley (McMahon) — who appears in the second episode. Felton also returns for the final episode.

“I read the first episode before understanding fully the entire concept,” Felton said from a Los Angeles hotel. “I was massively excited when they explained it to me because it does take some explaining. It’s a unique concept and a unique scenario.

“Of course I couldn’t resist reading all 10 episodes to understand how lives can interlink without you even being conscious of it. I’d never read anything even remotely close to this.”

Felton jokes that he was brought up as an actor surrounded by huge green screens and looking at big orange X’s on the wall, pretending they were dragons or fireballs.

Ellipsis, however, couldn’t be further removed from Hogwarts.

“This was just two characters talking intensely at their table, without any real stage direction, and just relying on the performance,” Felton said. “That was a huge appeal to me, and that’s also what kind of terrified me, to be honest.”

Another major difference between a Harry Potter film and Full Circle is time.

Felton, used to filming perhaps 20 to 30 seconds of footage through an entire day, shot his scene for “Tim & Bridgette” — all 25 minutes’ worth — in a single day.

Felton shot the Full Circle finale months ago, and, at this point, he is simply doing what he can to tease it without dropping spoilers.

“The whole season has a tone and a feel to it,” he said, “but the 10th episode just turns everything on its head.

“It’s a high-energy, very, very intense ending.”

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  1. lucky to have seen this episode a few times as DirecTV has a sneak preview of it…very compelling and Tom is just brilliant…his acting is Oscar worthy…loved it…can’t wait for the series…

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