SnitchSeeker’s interview with Tom Felton at the premiere of “In Secret” & other videos

Last week was the premiere of Tom’s film “In Secret” in LA (we reported here). SnitchSeeker interviewed Tom on the red carpet.

Tom Felton: How are you?

SnitchSeeker: Good! How are you?
Tom Felton:
Did you get my tweet?

SnitchSeeker: We did!
I wanted to make sure you weren’t getting wet.

SnitchSeeker: I’m sure you’ve heard about J.K. Rowling’s recent reveal that Ron and Hermione shouldn’t have been together. How do you feel about that? Do you agree?
Give me the scoop, ‘cause I only saw a bit on the CNN. What is she unveiling? That Harry should have been with Hermione? And Ron got in the way?

SnitchSeeker. No, just that Ron and Hermione weren’t right for each other.
: I love how she keeps coming out with these little bits of information – tease us to think there’s more to come.

SnitchSeeker: Do you agree?
Well, it’s hard to disagree with her. When she makes her point, she’s usually right. We haven’t challenged her in the past, and I think that’s a good trend to keep.

SnitchSeeker: She’s also making a play based on harry Potter’s early life. Have you heard anything about that?
No, I haven’t. That’s the first I’ve heard about that. I knew there was a new book that she was writing, I thought …

SnitchSeeker: A screenplay.
… a screenplay, sorry. But I hadn’t heard about the play. Is it a musical or?

SnitchSeeker: No.
Still … very exciting.

SnitchSeeker: Now, about the movie [Fantastic Beasts] … are you interested in being in it?
Tom Felton:
Of course, if my services were ever asked for how could I possibly turn it down? But it’s not something that I think is likely, and I feel very proud of the work we’ve done. I dare wouldn’t want to taint it by sticking my name in the pot too early for that.

SnitchSeeker: What can you tell us about the new TV series that you’re in?
Well, limited ‘cause I only have three scripts out of ten of them. So I’m kind of learning more as we go along. The writers are in silence and refuse to say anything. My character is a Silicon Valley sort of whiz kid that started a Facebook-type company, and he’s a suspect in this murder investigation. Any more, I fear I’ll get in trouble so …

SnitchSeeker: Thank you!
Tom: No worries, guys. Nice to see you. Send my love to the SnitchSeeker crew!

credit: SnitchSeeker

Here are two more videos of Tom on the red carpet.

OK! TV USA‘s interview:

HollywoodReadyVideosTom Felton greets fans arriving at the In Secret premiere …

Photos of Tom at the premiere in our gallery.


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