Tom Felton by Ramona Rosales for Bust Magazine + Interview

Tom is in the latest issue of the BUST Magazine.
Ramona Rosales uploaded two photos of him from his photoshoot for the magazine.

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We also have the interview with him.
The beginning of the interview is a bit sad. 🙁 You will understand when you read the interview:

Tom Felton has just gotten back to Los Angeles from a shoot in San Francisco, so when he calls me, he’s doing what everyone does as soon as they get home: walking his dog. “She’s a Chesapeake Bay Retriever,” the 26-year-old actor says proudly after I’m done squee-ing over the mental image of the former Draco Malfoy of Harry Potter fame strolling with a pooch. “We had to get a special passport for her and everything,” Felton says of the lengths he went to with his long-time girlfriend, actress Jade Olivia, to travel with their pet from the U.K. “But obviously, we had to bring the whole family.” They’re loving the West Coast: the weather, the outdoorsy hiking, the fruit trees. “Our neighbor has a plum tree,” he marvels. “And it turns out we have a fig tree! I don’t think I ever even knew what a fig looked like before this.”

The Londoner has a much more compelling reason to find himself Stateside than the abundance of fresh fruit, though. This summer, he’ll be stealing scenes—and displaying an American accent of Hugh Laurie-esque perfection—in Murder in the First, Steven Bochco’s new detective drama on TNT, which follows a single case, investigated by a pair of cops played by Taye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson, over an entire season. Felton plays Erich Blunt, a Silicon Valley techie who is drawn into the investigation when people connected to him keep turning up murdered. “He’s the world’s youngest billionaire,” Felton says, “a young tech guru who’s something of a rock star in his world.” He’s also given to fits of entitled anger—in the pilot episode, Erich fires the stewardess on his private jet when she spills a drink, even though he’s sleeping with her—that would make any Slytherin proud. So does Felton feel especially drawn to characters with a spoiled dark side? He laughs. “Oddly enough, on the show, we’re shooting everything script by script, so we have no idea how it’s going to end up. I’m still not sure if I’m a bad guy or not. But I’m already as in love with Erich as I was with Draco.” He admits the characters share a certain lordly arrogance, “but it comes from a different place,” he says. “Draco is very much a product of his parents and isn’t a very strong-willed wizard, where as this guy, Erich, is completely self-made. Draco’s rationale for his arrogance is basically one of fear. I mean, it’s the oldest racism in the book, to be terrified of anything that’s different from you. Whereas Erich’s arrogance comes from being a creative genius. He’s operating on a different plane than everyone else.”

Now that we’ve fully given ourselves over to the psychoanalysis of Draco Malfoy ( jubilation!) I ask him why he thinks the Harry Potter cast seems to have fared so much better in the mental health department than our homegrown child stars here in the U.S. His answer is pure class. “I really can’t speak to that,” he says diplomatically. “I can say that every time we would come to the States for a premiere, we were all surprised at how big and overwhelming it all was, compared to the U.K. I don’t know what it would be like, having to deal with that all the time. But I will say, just for myself, that back in London, my family kept things down-to-earth. I mean, I grew up with three brothers, and it didn’t matter to them if I was in Harry Potter. Nobody put me on any kind of a pedestal.” With Murder in the First, that may be all about to change. But I’m pretty sure a wizard of Tom Felton’s caliber can handle it.

by Rachel Shukert

You can buy the print issue here and the digital issue here.

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