Video: Tom Felton on ‘Good Day LA’ – He discussed ‘Murder in the First’ and more

Earlier today, Tom was on Good Day LA.
He discussed Murder in the First , Harry Potter and more.
BTW, you can also see Tom’s reaction to Daniel Radcliffe’s video message which he sent him via GDLA last Thursday (at 4:20). Watch the video below:

Tom Felton: It Was More The ‘Right Place At The Right Time’

Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV


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Don’t miss the season finale of Murder in the First TONIGHT at 10/9c on TNT.

2 thoughts on “Video: Tom Felton on ‘Good Day LA’ – He discussed ‘Murder in the First’ and more

  1. He is wonderful and gives a great video. He has always been polite and happy, but now he has matured beautifully and his calm and easy-going persona is lovely to watch. I am not liking “Murder in the First” at all and only fast-forward through the episodes to watch his scenes.

  2. Hello, I’m so sorry but my english isn’t very good, I mean, I must deal with the accents aha and I don’t really understand the interview…
    I just have a question about the serie…
    Is there a suite ? He said “to be continued” to Haily 🙁 I though it was a message !

    I really liked “Murder in the First”, it was good, but, it’s too easy so say that Erich is the murderer…
    I’ll have a big deception if there isn’t suite.

    love from france.

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