Random Acts of Felton – it’s back, baby!

A few years ago Feltbeats.com worked with fans on one of the biggest birthday projects so far for Tom Felton – Random Acts of Felton! We received thousands of birthday wishes and hundreds of “Random Acts” geared toward spreading the true Felton spirit. Tom loved it! We decided it was so successful and well-received that we were going to do it again!

That’s right, folks! Random Acts of Felton is back!

We believe Tom is someone who always brings light and cheer into the hearts of his fans and those around him. He is giving and kind to everyone he meets – and we feel like spreading that spirit as far as possible!

So, we’re asking fans to commit a Random Act in the Tom Felton spirit, and tell us all about it on our new Tumblr! Then, we will present the website to Tom for his birthday.

What is a Random Act of Felton?

Here are some amazing ideas for Random Acts that fans did last time we ran this project:

– A young girl raised over $200 dollars in Tom’s name, and donated it to charity (You rock Allison!).

– A fan helped out at a senior center.

– Fans spent time with kids with cancer, brightening up their day.

– Fans baked cakes and food for others, helping to cheer them up.

– On fan distributed Tom Felton / Feltbeats fliers at the mall.

….. And sooooo much more!

Random Acts of Felton


To post your own Random Act of Felton, go to http://randomactsoffelton.tumblr.com/ and click on the menu in the top left. There will be an option to “Submit Your Random Act of Felton.” Click on that and submit your form! Easy!

If you just want to submit a birthday wish, photo or another item, feel free! All good things are welcome!

Check out the home page of our 2011 Random Acts of Felton!

2 thoughts on “Random Acts of Felton – it’s back, baby!

  1. Tom- I don’t know how to separate myself from some of these fans of yours…(I was going to be a little more harsh….) But..i feel kind of silly…do you feel where im coming from? all in all it is TIME WELL SPENT

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