Tina Davies aka TomFeltonInc met Tom Felton at her home – Report on Swindon Advertiser by Eve Buckland

As you know, Tom visited some fans at home last year and interviewed them for his BBC Three documentary Tom Felton: Meet the Fanatics.
Last November, Tom has visited Tina Davies aka TomFeltonInc at home and in the latest issue of Swindon Advertiser you can read a small report by Eve Buckland about Tina’s meeting with Tom.


A HARRY Potter super-fan is to appear on a national documentary – after her favourite character from the films turned up at her Swindon home to interview her.

Tina Davies, 56, will feature in BBC3’s Tom Felton: Meet the Fanatics – exploring the culture behind super-fans – talking about her love for the platinum haired villain, Draco Malfoy, played by Tom and due to be aired in April.

During Tom’s November visit, his first to Swindon, the star of the silver screen showed up on devoted fan Tina’s doorstep.

Perhaps Tom was scuppered by the mystical powers of the magic roundabout as Tina revealed he got lost on the way, almost ending up in Chippenham.

She said it was a surreal moment to see him on her sofa in Swindon.

“It was amazing to see him and have a proper chat with him, to see Tom Felton sat on my couch drinking tea, it was so lovely,” she said.

She was first bewitched by Harry Potter’s arch-enemy in 2004 while working on the checkouts in Asda, she explained.

“We were doing the promotion for the Chamber of Secrets and I loved the stories and the characters in them,” she said.

“I started watching it and thought who is that blond slimy person. I started to investigate and began following him on the internet .”

Tina’s friends at Felton fansite, Feltbeats, waved the magic wand which led to their first meeting three years later at the premiere of his film, The Disappeared.

And Tina revealed that meeting the 27-year-old actor in person put a spell on her.

She said: “I felt really excited and a bit nervous. I saw him across the room and introduced myself and we had a chat, he was lovely.

“All in all I’ve probably met him a dozen times now.”

During her decade-long fandom Tina has shared a cigarette with Tom outside a London restaurant, given him a card when his beloved dog passed away and become friendly with the star’s long-time girlfriend Jade – but the magic hasn’t worn off yet.

She said: “I still feel excited and pleased to see him and it’s great to know that he remembers me.

“It feels like a friendship but it’s between a star and a fan.”

It was when she waited outside a London restaurant for Tom that he personally asked her to be in his documentary and she was happy to oblige.

“I felt flattered that he’d asked and I was completely up for it,” she said.

Tina has mingled with numerous A-listers, including Tom’s co-stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Michael Gambon, Emma Watson and Paul Barber, who plays Denzel in Only Fools and Horses.

The former British Rail employee, who camped out for two nights to get a glimpse of stars at this year’s Baftas, said husband of 33 years Paul is happy to take a back seat because he knows how important it is to her.

“He just lets me get on with it, because we haven’t got a family Harry Potter has become like a family to me,” she said.

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  1. Hi my love !what if you come in my home and meet me and I just crying, because I see you…please Tom! Meet me just for one moment!!! Please…I wait for you…good for her because she have see you !….

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