Tom Felton’s directorial debut to be on BBC3 in “Tom Felton: Meet the Fanatics”

According to Broadcast, BBC3 commissioning editor for features, formats and Fresh documentaries Elliot Reed unveiled six new documentaries yesterday, one of which was the project for which Tom has created @feltonsfanatics.

Tom will not only be the front man of the show, but this will also be his directorial debut.

The documentary will be 60-minutes long and is currently entitled Tom Felton: Meet the Fanatics (currently a working title and will possibly change).

BBC3 has released a synopsis of the documentary, which also reveals that Tom will attend Wizard World Tulsa and Comic Con Birmingham (though the latter has not confirmed this on their site).


In November 2014 Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter) will be in the midst of Convention season heading to Tulsa to attend one of the world’s largest film and TV cult festivals Wizard World and on this side of the Atlantic attending Comic Con at Birmingham’s NEC. Every year thousands of super fans come together at these locations – wearing elaborate and intricate costumes – to meet the ‘real’ people behind their favourite shows. For the young men and women who attend it can be a life changing and often overwhelming experience as they meet the stars they’ve idolised for years.

For Tom the convention tour has been part of his life for over a decade, but now as an adult and with some distance from the franchise that made him world famous, Tom wants to take a step back and look at the conventions from the side of the super fan – attempting to understand for the first time why these young people become so attached to these fantastical books, movies and TV series and more importantly by spending time with fans and hearing from his celebrity friends and co-stars ask: when does a fan become a fanatic?

1×60′, director and presenter is Tom Felton. Executive producer: Colleen Flynn and Andrew Palmer from KEO Films. Commissioning editor for the BBC is Elliot Reed.

If you would like to put yourself forward for consideration for the documentary, you can follow @feltonsfanatics and send Tom an email to

We will be sure to keep you updated!

2 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s directorial debut to be on BBC3 in “Tom Felton: Meet the Fanatics”

  1. Common sense told me there was no way Birmingham, Al had started hosting a Comic Con and I hadn’t heard about it, but I did have to click on the link, just to make sure! lol

  2. Thank you for taking time to speak with my husband and I (dressed as Lucius and Draco) at the convention in Tulsa this weekend. It was an honor to be asked to wait so you could come talk to us.

    The autograph we bought will be put in a Charity Auction where all proceeds will go to the Integris Children’s Mental Health Hospital here in Oklahoma.

    Thank you for taking the time to interact with your fans. I saw many a young lady with tears of joy in their eyes. That is a moment they will never forget.

    Angela Mullens
    FoxMoon Productions

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