Videos and photos of Tom Felton on ITV’s “This Morning” Show – #TomFeltonMeetsTheSuperfans

Tom was on today’s This Morning show on ITV to promote his documentary Tom Felton Meets the Superfans.


Tonight in a new documentary, Tom Felton, who played the villainous Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, meets some of the world’s most committed and outlandish superfans.

Tom joins us today to tell us what he discovered after he stepped into their fascinating world. And we will also be joined by some of the world’s biggest Harry Potter fans Steve Petrick in Pennsylvania and UK Harry Potter fanatics Victoria Maclean and Lorraine Garside who are here with some of their most prized Harry Potter possessions.

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Unfortunately you have to be in the UK area to watch the full interview with Tom or the video of the show.

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Please click here for the video of the show. (available for 7 days)


Most famous stars would be a little cautious about meeting their superfans – the types who dedicate every minute to their idols and collect thousands of pounds worth of memorabilia.

So it’s no surprise that Tom Felton , who played Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter , headed to a convention packed full of superfans of the successful movie franchise in DISGUISE.

“I am slightly nervous about walking into the lion’s den. In a place like this, I do get recognised,” he said in the video.

Talking in an interview on This Morning, he explained: “I’ve never been very good at being famous.”

Asked why it was he decided to do the documentary, he replied: “I always wondered what makes people want to wait outside hotels for people and dress up as their favourite characters.

“You don’t get to explore why they do it, whether it’s a good thing or a weird thing.”

He headed into a convention dressed as the joker before later revealing himself as Tom and signing photographs and autographs for fans.

Tom said: “We went to a few, the first one was a bit of a fish out of water, plain clothes, stand out like a sore thumb. So the second attempt we went incognito, the outfit was five or six sizes too big.

“It was odd, people were looking at my costume, but my instinct was people thinking, ‘Why is Malfoy dressed up as a the joker?'”

He chatted to one American fan on the show, Steve from Pittsburgh, who has $107,000 worth of Harry Potter merchandise and claims the books and films helped him to overcome being bullied.

“When I was younger, when I first discovered it, I was a very sad, lonely little kid, I really identified with Harry and he taught me to be a strong, independent person,” he said.

source: Mirror

CAx3ZxKXEAE6dXJ.jpg largetom-felton-celebrities-at-the-itv-studios_4646983More photos in our gallery.

The documentary will air tonight at 9 pm on BBC Three.

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1 thought on “Videos and photos of Tom Felton on ITV’s “This Morning” Show – #TomFeltonMeetsTheSuperfans

  1. I think the documentary was really interesting and insightful. Respectful, with the main intent being one of learning and understanding.

    I, for one, share Daniel Radcliffe’s view of superfans that are obsessed with the actors. Understanding the reasons behind why a superfan is doing whatever he/she is doing, wouldn’t make me more comfortable with the fact that a fan has built his/her life around me and my schedule. Maybe I’m paranoid that way, but I (at least in theory) wouldn’t want to do anything that would encourage the continuation of such behaviour. In practice, of course, a lot of us were raised to be always nice and to oblige.

    Tina seems like a nice person and was very brave to talk about her type of superfandom publicly. To me she left the impression of having a teenage-like crush on Tom. I believe we all have those crushes every once in a while, but I would be a bit concern about the one that lasts 15 years and involves continuous (albeit innocent) stalking. I hope for her sake, though, that she will be able to deal with the attention that being exposed publicly might bring her. Not all people out there (especially on the internet) are as nice and understanding as Tom is (or her husband).

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