New Outtakes of Tom Felton from his photoshoot by Richard Grassie in 2011

Do you remember Tom’s photoshoot from 2011 by Richard Grassie ?
Some of the photos were used for Tom’s interview with the Daily Mail.
(we reported here)
Two outtakes were published later in the year. (Photos in our gallery.)

Now we have more outtakes from the photoshoot by Richard Grassie.
Thanks to celebspix for uploading the wonderful photos of Tom.

tumblr_nv82lpyJJt1tze731o3_400 tumblr_nv82lpyJJt1tze731o4_400 tumblr_nv82lpyJJt1tze731o1_400 tumblr_nv82lpyJJt1tze731o2_400 tumblr_nvagbfzp441tze731o2_400 tumblr_nvagbfzp441tze731o3_400 tumblr_nvagbfzp441tze731o1_400 tumblr_nvagbfzp441tze731o4_400

photo credit : Richard Grassie
source : celebspix 1 & celebspix 2

U P D A T E :

tumblr_nvcgs7XtBG1tze731o3_400 tumblr_nvcgs7XtBG1tze731o4_400 tumblr_nvcgs7XtBG1tze731o1_400 tumblr_nvcgs7XtBG1tze731o2_400

photo credit : Richard Grassie
source : celebspix 3

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