Video & Photos of Tom Felton at Saskatoon Expo

Last weekend was Tom Felton at Saskatoon Expo .
Here are some pics of him and a short video from his panel.

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photo credit: Saskatoon Expo

More photos in our gallery. Thanks to all for the photos. 🙂

Live tweets by @SaskExpo and @TheGlassesGeeks :

It’s getting fired up at the @TomFelton panel and we’ll be livetweeting it all! #DracoMalfoy is taking the stage #SaskExpo

1st impressions – @TomFelton doesn’t mince words, gets right into fan questions,Says it may be too early for #HarryPotter questions #jokes

@TomFelton keeping the panel session very laid back, fielding plenty of questions, very tongue in cheek

.@TomFelton notes that while Draco sort of redeems himself but #Felton makes it clear the Malfoys are not nice people PERIOD.

“Draco needs a hug” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #DracoMalfoy #SaskExpo #HarryPotter

.@TomFelton definitely charming the crowd even though some of the questions are very deep, responses are thoughtful and heartfelt

.@TomFelton notes he does miss playing the character of #Draco, resounding chorus of “awwwwes” from the crowd #SaskExpo

“I miss it, he’s like a best friend that’s no longer here” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #DracoMalfoy #SaskExpo #HarryPotter

.@TomFelton asked how he feels about Lauren Lopez playing Draco in the #Potter musical and he LOVES it just as much as the asker loves him

“The best thing about potter is how it has inspired people” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #DracoMalfoy #SaskExpo #HarryPotter

Big laughs when .@TomFelton is asked who his favourite actor from the films is, responds “me” but says the whole crew is a family#SaskExpo

“We are very close, like an odd family” @SaskExpo @TomFelton @EmWatson @SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy #HarryPotter #SaskExpo

Asked why he was inspired to play #Draco .@TomFelton says he didn’t get cast for Ron or Harry lol but he made it work #SaskExpo #biglaughs

.@TomFelton asked if he’s prepared to go deeper down the rabbit hole of nerd culture, says it’s a burden to be embraced

” I embrace the nerd culture, you are the reason I’m here!” @TomFelton @SaskExpo #SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy #geeksinglasses

.@TomFelton tips his hat to the fans and notes the dedication an passion of the fans is what keeps him going, he loves it #SaskExpo

“If the world operated more like these cons, the world would be a better place.” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy

.@TomFelton when asked about his work outside of acting he says he’s passionate about helping dogs and kids, loves inspiring people#SaskExpo

“I do lots with charity, I just don’t like to brag. I’ll just say dogs and children..not at the same time” @TomFelton #SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy

“Favorite ghost in Harry Potter? I can’t get into this debate haha” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy #geeksinglasses

.@TomFelton asked which scenes got him emotionally drained he says basically any scene in the last two films #SaskExpo

“I wish Draco had a door out” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy #HarryPotter

“Voldemort is a crap hugger” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy #HarryPotter #geeksinglasses

” I would have ended it with Ron and Draco in a loving embrace” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy #HarryPotter

.@TomFelton certainly getting lots of love from fans, and #spoileralert #Voldemort is a poor hugger #SaskExpo

“I like Umbridge, she wears pink and loves cats” @SaskExpo @TomFelton #SaskExpo #DracoMalfoy #geeksinglasses

.@TomFelton asked by 11 y/o girl why she hasn’t got her #Hogwarts letter Tom says the #SaskExpo is just a ruse so he can deliver her letter

Things you don’t expect .@TomFelton noting that he met #WarrenG and fanboyed out so he has lots of patience for fans and questions#SaskExpo

“I’m out! Thanks Saskatoon” @TomFelton @SaskExpo


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