Report from the Press Night for The Gunpowder Plot

Hari represented us at the press night for The Gunpowder Plot last Thursday. Thank you! 😘

Here is her report with photos from that night!

Tom’s recent project, “The Gunpowder Plot”, is an exciting immersive experience that takes you through Jacobean London during a time of conflict between Catholics and Protestants, focussing on Guy Fawkes (played by Tom) and his part in the attempt to blow up parliament. Before entering the experience Tom’s voice can be heard every so often reciting the famous rhyme, “Remember, remember, the fifth of November” and that certainly adds to the atmosphere and anticipation.

When you enter experience it is as though you are stepping back through time. You find yourself in detailed and atmospheric sets, where even the sound effects in the background help to bring the scene to life. As you travel from set to set, creeping through dimly-lit stone corridors, you are greeted with a variety of real-life characters who interact with you to help you on your journey. You’ll take part in thrilling tasks: solving ciphers, rescuing a priest, carrying props, and remembering information that will help you later. Some parts of the experience are done using virtual reality (VR) where you are required to wear a headset, and be prepared for movement and effects.

Midway through the experience there is a short break during which you are able to relax in The Duck and Drake tavern and discuss your divided loyalties with your co-conspirators. This also gives you the opportunity to have a drink, go to the privy, and snap a couple of photos.

During the second half of the immersive experience Tom’s character, Guy Fawkes/John Johnson, is introduced through a virtual reality experience. Tom has done an excellent job of portraying the tenacious character and during the experience it is as though he is sitting directly opposite you and speaking to you personally. Tom plays a huge part in bringing the story to life as he explains the gunpowder plot and the emotions and struggles behind it while taking you further on your travels and helping you to avoid trouble. While Tom does not physically appear in the experience, another actor with a masked face representing him does appear on one of the sets with Tom’s voice giving the impression that he is present. Tom’s character then appears again in VR to conclude the story before taking you forward through time back into the present day. When the experience comes to an end it is left to you to decide whether Guy Fawkes was a villain or a hero as you exit through the gift shop, but as the heart and soul of The Gunpowder Plot experience, Tom is definitely the hero.

She also mentioned:

Unfortunately there were no displays of Tom as Guy Fawkes as I had hoped, it would’ve made an excellent photo. Also we were not allowed our phones during the immersive experience but I have included some photos from the tavern during the interval, where we were allowed a photo opportunity.

credit: Hari


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