Much Music Blog Credits Tom Felton’s Musical Talents

In anticipation for Tom Felton’s appearance on “Much On Demand,” Much Music’s Kate M. [who also blogged about Tom Felton appearing on “MOD”], wrote about how eager she was for both the new “Harry Potter” flick and Tom Felton to finally arrive in Canada. In the post, she comments about several members of the “Harry Potter” cast. Here’s what she had to say about Tom Felton’s and his musical ability:

Tom Felton sings! And he isn’t the worst at it! His songs are actually rather adorable and sweet. Who would have thought the evil boy had it in him?

She links to two of Tom Felton’s youtube videos: Time Well Spent Medley and If You Could Be Anywhere.

If you are able to watch “Much On Demand,” be sure to catch it at 5PM EST on July 8th. Yes! that IS two days away!

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