Just an update: Translation and new pics of Tom Felton from around the web

A few new photos of Tom have found their way to us this weekend via FeltFan Mondengel from Tom’s appearance at Collectormania.

First up is a pic of Tom with fan Joshua, who was at the event with his family.

Next, is a photo of Tom with fan Rob who blogged on CelebHeights.com that Tom confirmed with him his actual height of 5’9″ as opposed to the 6’1″ Tom’s bio on IMDB has him listed as. As Tom’s height has been a bone of contention amongst some fans, hopefully this will clear up the matter. 😉

Also in the news is a translation of the interview Tom did for the 50min Inside French special. Only in the bizarre world of technology can something said in English, dubbed into French, be translated back into English.

This translation is brought to you from the Harry Potter’s Page website. If a cleaner version is available, please send it in.

Tom Felton: It’s very strange for me, someone who is normal to receive this emotion. It is scary sometimes, but I try to separate me from Harry Potter madness.

And from our intrepid reporter Estrella89san, we have screen cap’s from the fanvideo we previously posted of Tom at the Harry Potter truck tour event held in Leicester Square. The caps were found in the Muggle Thai Forums and are now located in our gallery.

Thanks, Estrella89san and Mondengel for the pics!

6 thoughts on “Just an update: Translation and new pics of Tom Felton from around the web

  1. yeah thats a cute smile and now i know if i ever meet tom felton i cant say “I LOVE YOU!” 🙁 jk lmao

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