Tom Felton is his name, another video is the game.

A video from has surfaced of Tom at the Harry Potter tour truck even in Leicester Square, London. We’ve already heard the quotes from this video concerning the imminent release of the latest HP film, but it’s very nice quality and worth it just to watch Tom and the rest of the gang (James and Oliver Phelps, Matt Lewis, and producer David Heyman) on camera even if they did spell Tom’s name wrong.


7 thoughts on “Tom Felton is his name, another video is the game.

  1. HAHA they spells tom’s last name fenton! I love his voice in hbp I HAVE TO DO THIS it’s a little shaky so ovibously he’s scared! So cute!!!!!


  2. for real!! i love that adorable look on his face when he says i have to do this!!! 😆

  3. I’ve to do this“. At his expression, you can tell even he isn’t convinced by the utility of what’s being asked of him, therefore explaining why he’s feeling himself faltering as he say so. That is at least how I’m perceiving it.

    With Love,


  4. What the? It is IMPOSSIBLE to spell Tom’s name wrong? HOW COULD THEY? :O

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