Screaming fans & staircases: Just another Tom Felton day

More videos from today’s London premiere of HBP. These two come from the same user on Youtube, CurlyGirl91.

Lots of screaming fans being all dedicated. Did they just rupture an eardrum?

UPDATE: Hey look! Here’s that pic he posed for. 😉

Thanks to Reporter Estrella89san for the links!

5 thoughts on “Screaming fans & staircases: Just another Tom Felton day

  1. Thx so much! I live in Taiwan so I couldn’t stay up all night and get immediate news. has been a really wonderful source! Now I’m post-excited about itXDD
    lol Tom is so cute when he high-fived, and wow bless his eardrums.

  2. I am SO happy I turned the sound down before I played that. haha
    aw Tom bless him [x

  3. I live in Thailand, so i couldn’t too. :))

    the vids r so fantastic!!!
    thx to CurlyGirl91 and all FBs team!

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