“This Poor Boy,” is what HBP Composer Nicholas Hooper Calls Tom Felton’s Character

While LA Times’ reporter Denise Martin talked to the “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” Composer Nicholas Hooper earlier today, the question of what kind of music, if any, followed Draco Malfoy [played by Tom Felton] around came up.

Here’s their dialogue:

DM: Draco plays a major part in this film – does he have his own theme as well?

NH: He does. It follows him throughout all his visits to the room of requirements. Definitely a Malfoy theme, yeah. It’s an odd mixture of dark and sad. Well, not sad exactly. It’s moving though. Here’s this poor boy who has been kind of pulled into this. You don’t just feel he’s really evil. So the music couldn’t be about his being evil. It’s not about that. It’s about this kid being pulled out of his depth, really.

To read the whole interview, titled “‘Harry Potter’ countdown: Composer Nicholas Hooper’s ‘simpler’ style” click here.

If you would like to listen to a sample of Draco’s Theme, Called “Malfoy’s Mission” go Here.

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Just tell us what is the name of the character often referred to as, “He Who Must Not Be Named”?

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3 thoughts on ““This Poor Boy,” is what HBP Composer Nicholas Hooper Calls Tom Felton’s Character

  1. omg ‘malfoy’s mission’ is so awesome! its eery, yet brilliant and frightening

  2. I’ve been looking forward reading how Nicholas Hooper managed to precisely define Draco’s feelings to have lost himself, into matters he should have had better stayed away from, instead to have been be bragging about it, like he had previously done at the first place. I’ll got get his theme as soon as it’ll be available on iTunes.

    With Love,


  3. There it was (on iTunes)!! I listened to it (as a demo), and was stupefied how accurately it was befitting Draco’s Soul! I’m so happy!!

    With Love,


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