Feltbeats Army Special Forces Wrap-Up

As a follow up on the video collection, a new section has opened up in the gallery titled: Feltforce.

It includes all the up-close and personal pictures from the Premiere and Hot Topic events covered by: bserlori, javastix, aerynblack, gidge_8, stormlite02, xxfriendxx and LexaM.

Look for future updates in this section with upcoming events like DragonCon.

6 thoughts on “Feltbeats Army Special Forces Wrap-Up

  1. yes dragoncon! I need to know what time and what day he is going to be there! My university has our football season opener that saturday and I am on the dance team so I have to be there, but georgia is like an hour away from me and so I will be super depressed if i cant go. please post info as soon as you know it!

  2. I need ALL info on Dragoncon as SOON as possible!!! I might be able to stay with my aunt and uncle so I can go. OMG, that would be AMAZING!!!

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