Small Splash Of Tom Felton

Recently Splash news has posted a small snippet of Tom Felton stating that Draco Malfoy is a pain in the neck…a bit more.

5 thoughts on “Small Splash Of Tom Felton

  1. LOL – he is funny about Malfoy and I wish it were the peroxide (losing hair) and the effects would go away later.

    The amount of news about TF this time around is amazing and I think it is more than the fact that Malfoy has more screen time in HBP. His charm and smile have caught the attention of the press and they are responding with a huge dose of attention. This is all good for his career and future higher visibility roles.

  2. Agree with Flutesong wholeheartedly! Hopefully he will get more good roles in the future, this film is further evidence of how great an actor he is… I wonder what he looks like without the blonde hair…?

  3. I agree with Flutesong too!

    Also, we all know that Draco can be a “right foul git” sometimes, but thats why we love him! <3
    Tom’s my favourite actor, and Draco’s my fave blonde!

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