It’s Entertainment (Weekly) all around! Tom Felton in print & online

Entertainment Weekly has upped its Potter quotient with features both in print and on First is a photo from this weeks magazine version featuring an image of Tom as Draco manipped onto a different background with fellow co-stars Emma Watson, Michael Gambon, and Daniel Radcliffe. As you can see, they think he’s “grown into a fine actor.” Thanks to Feltbeats Army member Stormlite02 for twitpic-ing it for us!

This next one was featured on in an article entitled Harry Potter: 10 Teen Movie Parallels. took 10 various HP characters and circumstances and related them to other famous films including The Dead Poets Society, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Clueless and one of my (personal) all time favorites, Better off Dead. You can read all about the rest of the parallels by clicking here.


You can read’s review of the film (they gave it an A-) as well as watch a video discussion of the film by clicking here. One reviewer called it “Star Wars as written by Dickens.” What do you think?

2 thoughts on “It’s Entertainment (Weekly) all around! Tom Felton in print & online

  1. My goodness! Why didn’t we got the picture featured into EW, shown into our magazines as well? Thanks Stormlite02 for taking it, Dear, for we’re having hardly any good shot of Tom as Draco (without or with the others) in our specialized press, save maybe into ours CinéFilms month’s issue, page 25 (sorry, no scan).

    With Love,


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