New interview with Tom Felton on Japanese “Movie Walker” web site

From Movie Walker web site. More pictures here.

Google Translate did quite a number on this one! In an interview with the Japanese web site, “Movie Walker,” I believe he is talking about Malfoy Manor, and then Jade, and… cafes in space?

Got a better translation? I doubt you can beat this, haha, but e-mail us!

“There MARUFOI mansion house, where I finished shooting. In his next, the original novel I am confident it will appear that are not part of the explanation.”

It would really care! Relationship with Harry is not being portrayed?

“We have a feeling that he wants to help Harry DORAKO In fact, we had a feeling that we want to help you even noticing DORAKO of Harry’s. I think I have ever scene to save the lives of each other I have. And the scene of the last train home at the most visible of the two FUTTO. I’m going to end it. Well, since I now do not even know me, but so far it I do not. ”

A love that began shooting this film, I want to tell the story of the first lady and it would work in the movie – Olivia Jade.

“Oh, now, I have to be careful because they do not speak it,” she said, watching Tom CHIRA the women interviewed were in the back of the room. Huh? Oh, he! A person – Miss Jay!

“I’m British, I always drink tea on the set. Cafes in space, making us tea and then, from there I began to love.” That’s it, I’m done. And he came to Japan together in harmony.

Tom is very frank. Lip service to remember the Japanese fans.

“Sunday night after visiting Japan, I’ve walked aimlessly in the town in Tokyo, so I thought it was really beautiful city. I have not fallen completely rubbish. The people are warm and hospitable, very friendly I thought it was. I want to explore more of Japan, not just urban, suburban and I want to go to the historic town ”

Thanks again to Our Dearest Tom!

22 thoughts on “New interview with Tom Felton on Japanese “Movie Walker” web site

  1. Does this TEA from SPACE have a little something EXTRA in it… is it SPECIAL tea? LMAO… PLEASE someone have an understandable translation. Although, if we do get it, can we not remove this one, Misha. Please? LOL

  2. No way! This is the best Tom Felton interview ever! From now on I’m going to translate all of his interviews into Japanese and then back again.

    People will think he’s all crazy and creative. A free spirit who says things like, “Well, since I now do not even know me, but so far it I do not.”

    Maybe I should run this plan by Tom, but I’m sure he’d be in favor of it.

  3. Haha that is truly’s nearly impossible to comprehend. Please don’t remove this interview. 😀

  4. Does tea imported from space cost a lot more then regular tea? It sounds like it would LMAO
    This makes absolutely NO sense at all! but it IS hilarious! XD

  5. Sounds like when I write my papers half asleep. Although I write scary things sometimes…and he might’ve been half asleep.

    “I never the cheesecake wouldn’t talk to me I said hold on to bread.”

    Yeah, something like that. I think he’d approve. Heh.

  6. HAHA i do that too when i’m half asleep
    I think he’d be cool with that lol It’ll make all of his interviews creative, unique & funny! although we won’t really know what he was really trying to say…It’d still be hilarious! XD

  7. Aww man! That last comment was supposed to be a reply to Tick-Tock & misha! why didnt it come out right? oh well =(

  8. HAHAAHAHAHAH seriously? this is the funniest thing i’ve ever read in my life. actual tears of laughter are running down my face right now.

  9. I’m glad to know he loved Tôkyô! It’s very hard to not fall in love with this city, with the people, I agree with that. Once you’ve been to Japan, all you’ll want it’s to come back, Tom.

    With Love,


  10. That pic is gorgeous!
    That translation is a bit… oh I cracked up! LMAO!
    Cafe in Space! haha! I would like to try some of that some time! If it don’t cost too much!
    Love that!

  11. Okay didn’t understand most of it but that’s ok because his pic was there! Love the pic!

  12. I could barely understand it but it was pretty funny,I have to admit. And the picture of Tom at the top is sooo hot!! 😀 x

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