A moment in time: Tom Felton mentioned in “Deathly Hallows” set report

Photo from Toms press junket in Japan

Photo from Tom's press junket in Japan

Some fans of the Harry Potter series were recently allowed to take a tour of the set for Deathly Hallows, currently in production. Chris and Maria graciously wrote up their entire experience on set, and you can read about their visit in its entirety by clicking here. Included are various shops, store rooms, and sets they passed by, scenes being filmed, stunt work, and even lunchtime in the canteen.

For those of you wondering what Tom’s been doing on set (besides getting his hair dyed for the ninth time) here is a sneak peek in a-day-in-the-life fashion.

The first thing we saw was the Room of Requirement, similar to what we saw in Half Blood Prince. Stacks upon stacks of furniture, books, potions and whatnot (including several chess pieces from Philosopher’s Stone) were everywhere. Here we got to see a bit of filming that involved the stunt doubles for Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) and Louis Cordice (Blaise Zabini). They were perched atop one of the stacks of furniture and rigged into a harness. Just to the right of these guys, but not used in this scene, was Hagrid/Sirius’ flying motorbike mounted on a rig and lifted off the ground.

When they cut, we slipped into the set and skirted around the edge. Around the corner from the stunt doubles and through the gap between two stacks of stuff was Tom Felton and Louis Cordice. We got to watch the playback monitors for the scene they had just shot. One of the monitors shows the actors exchanging dialog, while the other was an overhead shot of them walking through the stacks.

Thanks to Chris and Maria for sharing their experience with us!

13 thoughts on “A moment in time: Tom Felton mentioned in “Deathly Hallows” set report

  1. Guess they’re not filming in order… this would be from the fight for Howarts in the last hundred pages… Wonder how Pt.1 of DH is coming along… OH BOY! can’t wait for November ’10!

  2. I’m guessing that this means they’re replasing Crabbe with Blaise coz of the actor’s run in with the law and stuff, good choice in my opinion.

    Is it sad that even with this small information [and it may not even make the film] is getting me super excited for the last two movies!!!


  3. So they’re replacing Crabbe and Goyle with Blaise Zabini. Interesting choice. This would be the fight in the Room of Requirement at the Battle of Hogwarts. So I wonder who casts “fiendfyre” now? Draco or Zabini?

  4. you guys should read the whole article…they’re going to DESTROY the set when filming is over!! Doesn’t this horrify you? I mean i’m so upset by this, it’s part of the history of these films, these books these actors that we’ve grown to love and an author so brilliant. This is all part of film history, why are they distroying it. is there no one who can stop this..I dont know what to do :(. I always thought they’d make it into an attraction never destroy it!!

  5. :[ I don’t like how they are going to kill off Goyle instead of Crabbe. Now they’re both gone T.T

    *Goyle is replacing Crabbe and Blaise is replacing Goyle.

  6. Indeed, I’ve heard reports into the press here as well about the eventual destruction of the whole set (it was in Studio Ciné live), once the filming will be over. I agree that the best option would be to preserve it, as a mirror attraction, to the big scale one being built into Florida, or into a museum close by. Zabini replacing Crabbe and Goyle? Sounds good to me, having read the chapter a while ago. Thanks Chris and Maria, this is the kind of experience I’m looking forward reading greatly.

    With Love,


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  8. They aren’t replacing Goyle. Just Crabbe. There is a picture of all three (Goyle, Malfoy, and Zabini) holding hands as they go into the RoR. I’m guessing Blaise casts it, although I see his character a much “nicer” Slytherin than Crabbe, if that can even be said about Slytherins. But, Goyle is still there.

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