21 thoughts on “New Photos of Tom Felton at “Half-Blood Prince” Greek premiere

  1. I’m gonna see Draco – Luna in a different light now.. O.o
    Tom is charming as usual, and Evanna is.. so.. blond! And pretty!! Is that her natural hair color??

  2. More pics to choose from!! Great! And of greater quality, the better! Thanks a lot! Evannah’s blond naturally, she doesn’t have to bleach her hair as Tom has to for Draco’s role. It’s true two blond characters together does it strikingly quite well! *wink*

    With Love,


  3. tom is handsome and cute.
    hehehhe. jade is very lucky can get tom. 🙂
    but i want only be fans

  4. Tom is hot!as always!!! 😀
    And the 3rd picture ought to be a poster for pretty eyes.:) LOL.I’m not makin much sense,but that’s expected….head reeling from the draco effect! 🙂

  5. the last one is gorgeous. really cute face.

    haha, oh lovin’ your youtube songs – very adorable to be honest. your voice is sweet.

    like the pictures.
    see you xxx <3

  6. It’s great to see Evanna with such a nice hairstyle and not the long scraggly Luna locks.

  7. They could be brother and sister! LOL!
    Tom looks hot and Evanna looks gorgeous. Great pics!


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