Love from the ether: A Birthday Round Up

Many people have been sending us their love for Tom Felton in celebration of his birthday yesterday. Since it’s easier to open presents all at once, we thought we would compile them for Tom all in one place.

First up, here’s our present to Tom . You can read all about the making of this video in the’s Official Birthday Present post.

Since Tom seems to inspire love from all over the world, here are a couple video tributes in his honor from two fansite’s works closely with on all things Tom related.

From TomFeltonFans_ in Germany:

From TomFeltonBrasil:

And what would a birthday be without a few random presents from strangers? Here are just a couple of the many videos made in tribute of our Tom’s 22nd.

From ZeebProductions:

From Enjynlfe:

While Tom was relaxing in the sun on his 22nd, he was online long enough to open his present from MTV and thank them for their Happy Birthday, Tom Felton: Wake up Video cupcake. He posted to his Twitter account:

thanks for all the bday messages! had the best morning, and thanks to @mtv for this

From the MTV Newsroom:

For one reason or another, there are a lot of “Harry Potter” references in the history of Wake-Up Video. And why not? The books have made it cool to read again (and no doubt sparked the current “Twilight” fervor) and the film franchise has made stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson into the most profitable stars of the decade. Today, we hand a video cupcake to Tom Felton, who plays Slytherin bully Draco Malfoy, one of Harry Potter’s student foils at Hogwart’s. Felton, who had originally auditioned for the roles of both Harry and Ron, brings a certain chilly evil to his role as Malfoy.

In addition to the “Harry Potter” films, Felton has also found time to appear in a handful of other movies (including a cameo in the forthcoming Russell Brand flick “Get Him to the Greek”) and for an erstwhile music career. He has released a handful of songs on iTunes, and they’re mellow little acoustic singer-songwriter tracks that match up romantic lyrics with an adroit control of the guitar. Not surprisingly, he has name-checked Jack Johnson as one of his favorite artists, though in that same interview he also says he likes Green Day and hardcore hip-hop. (Perhaps Felton would like to weigh in on the Hottest MCs list?) Felton said he enjoys Method Man, and it seems only logical that “Bring the Pain” could act as Draco Malfoy’s theme song. Perhaps Mr. Meth could nab himself a cameo in the next “Potter” film? He could play the next school dance, just like Jarvis Cocker did!

We hope you had an enjoyable birthday, Tom.

13 thoughts on “Love from the ether: A Birthday Round Up

  1. AWESOMEEEE!!! I love Tom SO MUCH!! and I´m really happy for his 22 years =D Congratulations to you guys for this web site it´´s really amazing!!!! love!!!

  2. Nice! The videos are all great. Tom has the best fans. 😀

    Unfortunately, the MTV video is unavailable in my country. 🙁

  3. awwww….it’s so cute…i like all the videos…i did smth like that for 1 year my love to Tom….it was on 29th of August…this video is on youtube,too…and i wanted to do video for Tom(to his bday) but…i didn’t=((( so it’s because of my university,but ok….there is a lot of holidays(Tom’s holiday)
    love you,Tom,and you,guys from feltbeats^_^

  4. I wish I could have sent in a video! However, even if Tom never knows about it, I did make a contribution to Carp Anglers Group. This non-profit group is dedicated to promoting Carp fishing here in North America where the sport is not as widespread as in other parts of the world. They hold fishing tournaments all over North America and even have a magazine! Their bylaws state that they promote “catch and release”. I sent Tom a Twitter telling him about it, but I am quite sure he got more twitters than he could read yesterday. As long as he had a Happy Birthday, that’s all that matters!

  5. Love all the vids, especially the official birthday one (because I’m in it 😉 ) and the rapping one.. it’s so sweet!

    Bit disappointing that Tom either hasn’t seen or hasn’t commented on it 🙁

    But nice work feltbeats! 🙂

    Oh and Happy Birthday for yesterday Tom x

  6. Oh my goodness, how did I miss his birthday!??!?!!?

    I LOVE YOU, TOM!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The humblest gifts do the greater ones! For the attention is all that’s counts! Greetings and congratulations to all contributors, no matter where you are from in the world!!

    With Love,


  8. “Jesus!” (Is what I thought when looking at the pic of the 2nd vid where everyone is staring up at Tom 😉

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