WORLD EXCLUSIVE! gets first look at Tom Felton’s DRAMA Magazine photo spread

As we announced a few months ago, Tom Felton has completed a photo shoot with Drama Magazine that will be out next week, available via the iTunes app store.

Today, Drama Magazine has given an exclusive first look at Tom’s photo spread, and has allowed us to share this fittingly-dramatic image.

Specializing in fashion and performance, DRAMA Magazine showcases the hottest stars in fashion, film, music theater, television and dance. Members of the DRAMA team have worked with Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Dazed & Confused and i-D Magazine to name just a few, so expect to see the very best in luxury fashion photography.

Tom’s photographer, Ram Shergill, is the Editor-in-Chief of Drama Magazine and a well-known fashion photographer in the industry. Ram has shot some of his best work exclusively for DRAMA and was very excited to work with Tom.

“Tom’s shoot was one of the most iconic shoots I have ever done,” Ram said. “He is AMAZING and the photos will prove how Tom’s acting and performance abilities are beyond the realms of Film and Fashion. The boy is a STAR!”

Ram said Tom’s shoot was massive and will encompass 10 to 12 pages in the magazine – including the above image – mostly because it was so hard to choose photos for the final edit. “It’s so hard because every image of him is amazing!” Ram said, but he would not give details of the theme because it would ruin the surprise.

Ram was also very impressed with Tom’s professionalism in front of the camera. “I have worked with many great celebrities and actors such as Amy Winehouse, Alex Pettyfer, Dominic Cooper; Tom is unique in the fact that he is a true talent in front of the camera… a true performer and he really gets into the part of the role.

“He is so passionate about his art. I see a very big future for Tom, as he has talent in abundance.”

I see a very big future for Tom, as he has talent in abundance.

– Ram Shergill, Drama Magazine Editor-in-Chief

The photo shoot was taken outside in Ram’s garden on the river, and Ram said the crew felt as though Tom had brought the sun with him. “It was a fantastic day,” he said. “It was a really fresh day and we were just soaking in the rays of the sun!”

There were also some shots taken as the sun was setting, Ram said. “We did lots of great shots as the sun was setting outside. The Drama of the shoot in the studio was getting more and more intense, the music becoming more and more overpowering and Tom was getting his first taste of what DRAMA magazine is all about.

“The Tom Felton Drama shoot is something definitely not to be missed if you are a fan or not. Tom IS PURE DRAMA!”

Tom’s issue of Drama Magazine will be available sometime next week through the iTunes app store. Watch for more information as we get it!

102 thoughts on “WORLD EXCLUSIVE! gets first look at Tom Felton’s DRAMA Magazine photo spread

  1. Wow, amazing picture. Excellent article. Tom is a multi talented young man with many avenues to persue.

  2. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos from the photo shoot.

    I agree, Tom is destined for (even more) greatness!! 🙂

  3. Excellent! I was wondering when they mentioned that one site would get the “teaser” if it would be Feltbeats or not. I’m thrilled to see that it was! wow! Looking forward to seeing more!!!!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous.

    “Tom is unique in the fact that he is a true talent in front of the camera… a true performer and he really gets into the part of the role.”

    Yay! 😀

  5. I believe now more than ever after seeing that picture that Tom would be excellent in a vampire movie! Um, Riley would be a prefect start…

  6. Oh, and congrats to feltbeats for being the ultimate Tom Felton resource site! Another exclusive, wow!

  7. Well, when they say DRAMA, they’re not kidding! What a shot! Jade, you lucky, lucky girl you. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what the rest of the set brings, keep it up Tom!

  8. YES! YES! YES! HELL YES!!! thank ya! omg i just wanna- wait lemme stop. ^.^’ but yes indeed that is one fine and smexy lookin picture Thomas. fine and smexy indeed. XP w00t!

  9. Oh my gosh! Tom is sooo HOT! Dang! That boy keeps getting hotter. Hot in a sort of dangerous way. Love the pic! Love him!

  10. Tom, That is an absolutely wonderful picture of you because
    people should know how great an
    actor that you are! I love that picture of you!

  11. I can safetly say that I have never wanted an iPhone as much as I want one right now so I can get the app.

    I do believe that I have a new desktop now. Just showed my friends and they now see the appeal of one Mr. Tom Felton.

  12. Wow! if this shot is any good indicator of what is to come, I can’t wait for more! Why isn’t this guy doing more movies???? Holy crap… he’s gorgeous!!! They were pretty dumb for not casting him in Twilight – bet the twilight folks are eating the proverbial crow after they see this pic.

  13. OMG he’s soooooo HOT!!
    i’m in shock right now!
    holy crap he is so talented in all the stuff he do!
    i hae to see all the pictures!
    about jade…he’s the luckiest person in the whole word!

  14. now that i’m not on my phone and i can get a clear view of the pic…. I LIKE IT! he looks much more grown up!

  15. i was thinking that since twilight was being really particular about not having anything else going during their filming and he had HBP still when it started, maybe they’ll cast him in Breaking Dawn? that would RAWK!

  16. feltbeats is the only HP site that doesn’t bash Tom’s choices. that’s why i love it! it was the perfect site to sneak peek it on!

  17. i really like this picture! when i fell in love with his charactor draco, from harry potter, who knew the actor himself would be three times as amazing?!

  18. Finally! He actually looks like a grown man and bringing heat with it. Don’t get me wrong; Tom’s been bringing heat for a while, but it just seemed kind of wrong because he looked so young even though he is at and above legal age. I hope you guys are understanding what I saying.

  19. Definitely HOT! He looks really dangerous here. Definitely an amazing shot..Can’t wait for Drama Mag!! (rock)

  20. You’re taking the words out of my mouth, Fathskie!! Although I was thinking of something else, not necessarily to Draco.

    But rather to a kind of Gothic-like blink of the eye to the Dark Side’s influence of the force (both father and son Skywalker are wearing black outfits), reinforcing Tom’s maturity, truly doing his age, that is.

    With Love,


  21. My reaction: jaw drop!
    Absolutely amazing! Tom’s talent absolutely knows no bounds, he just keeps getting better and better! WOW!

    First i thought he looked like a vampire, and i still do think that, BUT! what about – Phantom of the Opera! HELL YEAH! Someone give him a part, quick!

  22. I agree with you there! This is getting to a dangerous stage! What will happen when we see the rest of the pics?
    It’ll be Feltbeats meltdown from excessive heat! lol

  23. man comment #53?!? haha nothing like a hot TOM to get us all excited ay? jus wondering when was the photoshoot taken?? anyone?

  24. The pic is simply amazing. 😀 Tom is really hot at this pic. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. I hope the app will be available world-wide. 🙂

  25. Very gorgeous pic! Can’t wait to see the rest. Tom’s a great model. Who else can get so many spreads in a single magazine?

  26. I was soo close to fainting when I saw that picture!! He looks soo good!!!
    I need more of those!!
    and I don’t have an iphone no fair!!
    He’s soo perfect, damn Jade’s lucky!

  27. Hey it great if you Have an Iphone I dont ohwell never mind I’ll just settle for the teaser.
    OMG Tom you look gorgeous!!!!!

  28. OH HOT DAMN….
    I think i just fainted inside and outisde, when i saw the pic i was LIEK OMFGGGG………..TOM ? ? AAaaahhhhh…..He sld defineitly try to get a part in TruBlood eh :)i agree wid the person who said he sld try out for the t.v show called True blood hehehhe 🙂 ( Gr8 show btw) But DANG TOM…..he blew me away, well he did before too 😀 BUT OMFG……LOVE U TOM 4EVE, I always loved Draco Malfoy hehehe 😀 i love villains 🙂 He sld srsly be a model, he is so Awesome at it 🙂 he has got the looks, the hair, the body, etc 😉 hehe ! Jade’s very lucky !! :*sigh* 🙁 One Day i will meet him ! I was very close to meeting him, but he didnt sign any autographs or take pics, so i just saw him, enjoyed the view though 😉 😀 Such an Incredible person, actor and soo sweet !

  29. saw this, this morning at school.
    :O couldnt stop thinking about it all day
    hot or what.
    cant wait for the rest
    of the magazine 🙂

  30. OH WOW!
    To me he looks more like Draco than Tom here.
    …a really hot and dangerous Draco 😀

    What a talent *_*

  31. he is so damn hot! oh my fucking god! i can’t belive it! he is so hothothothot! aaaaaaaaaarg!
    tom, i love you! <3

  32. The pic is breathtaking! I don’t have an iPhone, so I don’t know how to see the other pics…can you buy the magazine without having the iPhone? I hope so…

  33. that would be so effin awesome! XD i wouldn’t mind being the only one who got to see this shinigami. XP

  34. Has anyone noticed the smoke on Toms jacket look alot like letters? Perhaps the letters, THHA? Any theories?

  35. Oh Jesus Christ, he’s he’s…GASP!!!…he’s GORGEOUS *dies again for like the 1,005th time this year ;D

  36. OMGG! He looks brilliant! [as always]
    Drama Mag. should do more photo shoots with him! He looks ahmazing! 😀

  37. Will this magazine be released in the U.S? Or could someone from the U.K send it to me if it’s only released there? Because this is AMAZING!

  38. Can a guy be anymore hotter..!!
    Impossibly enchanting.. *sigh*
    Ohh.. my God..!! Love ya..(so much..)
    <3 <3

  39. He is so freaking gorgeous. It’s good to know that everyone else is realizing exactly how amazing he is now =D

  40. Agreed. I love him in the black suit in Harry Potter, but he’s even more goergous in this picture.:D

  41. Now I know why I love him. He is so intense and amazing! And not to mention good-looking!

  42. I can’t stop looking at this pic, is soo great I have as my celphone background to see it everytime I want =D

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  45. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    gorgeous! stunning!
    what more can i say?

    my mouth like droppped.

  46. Sorry, I meant “This is a really good picture!” I have clumsy fingers and often make typos! Lol.

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