More photos of Tom Felton at the HMV DVD signing event

Thanks to various sources, we have more pictures of Tom Felton during the HMV DVD signing event!

First, we have a funny article in the Daily Mail who quotes Tom:

He said: ‘I feel grateful that I’ve featured enough in these films, but that I can also step back into normal life.

‘It’s not like I can’t go out in public without being mobbed and I still have the same friends.’

However, the down-to-earth star admitted that he has also seen the freaky side to fame, after a mad fan contacted him, asking to adopt him.
Harry Potter

Tom continued: ‘There’s been a few people who have not seen the difference between reality and the film.

‘There was one guy who changed his name to Lucius Malfoy [his character Draco’s father] and wanted to adopt me and get me to change my name.

‘But my mother declined. He wrote to us and everything.’

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Plus, more photos of Tom from around the web!

More images here!

4 thoughts on “More photos of Tom Felton at the HMV DVD signing event

  1. @feltbeats I checkd the website 4 this wks guest up til Fri. He’s not on it. Mayb next wk. That would be nice. Has he been to CA?

  2. I’ve never seen such high quality pictures where Thomas is feeling so at ease, relax, and getting so much fun before! I can tell he was very happy to be there to meet you all. Now, hope it’ll be the same when my turn will come around.

    With Love,


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