Big press day for Tom Felton today; Your chance to ask him a question!

Via Tom Felton’s Twitter account and elsewhere, has learned that Tom has interviews today with People Magazine, Elle Magazine, Self Magazine and ABC News Now, for the ABC News Now segment.

good morning new york. didn’t get enough sleep…very jet lagged still….but waking up in new york is refreshing! on ABC News later today.

going to meet @peoplemag today to and @elle_com loving the American enthusiasm…makes us Londoners seem so miserable!

Additionally, Self Magazine has confirmed that they also have an interview with Tom today.

The rumors are true – @TomFelton will be joining us at the SELF offices tomorrow! Have a burning question for dear Draco? Tweet us!

As requested by Self Magazine and the others, please Tweet these magazines if you have any questions for Tom! Their Twitter accounts are: @peoplemag, @elle_com, Self Magazine, and ABC News Now.

Yesterday, we found out in advance that Matt Donnelly from the LA Times and Marc Malkin from E! Online where going to interview Tom, and they both actually asked us to Tweet them questions and even used them in their interview with Tom!

We will have more news and interviews as soon as possible!

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