Tom Felton and Bonnie Wright to attend opening of HP Themepark

Tom Felton and Bonnie Wright have each confirmed in interviews that they will be attending the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter  at Universal Studios in Florida. Opening is now estimated for May 2010.

Please note that this information has not been confirmed by Universal Studios and opening dates could be changed due to delay in construction. will be posting as soon as we get more detail about the opening of the theme park and any details of Tom’s involvement during the opening festivities.

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10 thoughts on “Tom Felton and Bonnie Wright to attend opening of HP Themepark

  1. WHOO! I will be going as I am only 1 hour away. Finally something good is coming! And Infinitus soon, yay!

  2. That is great news I am going to be over there from the 18th of May for one week if it could be delayed till then that would be great ha ha

  3. I can’t wait for the themepark to be open as well. A friend of mine and I are going there for our vacation in the beginning of June!! Thats when we can take it. Looking forward to the amazing things.I’m in love with the castle already. So we are planning to stay in Florida for a week. I wish for more time there because I get a whole 3 weeks off for my vacation. Where my friend only gets a week. Thats a bummer. But we are planning on this to be the best vacation ever!!! XXX Florida here we come. By the way I am from Texas. So its a joy to be going to another state for once.

  4. omg!!! FINALLY an actual “confirmed” event that bonnie and tom are gonna be attending together – right after they finish filing DH might i add 😉 and HEL-LO! to some D/G action! whooo!!!

    now i wanna go after learning BOTH bonnie and tom will be attending. i couldnt care less about the HP theme park, just wanna go to see bonnie and tom in person! LOL 😛 any fans from australia here? wanna go with me?

    love, LOVE the fact the tom will be there but also that bonnie will be there as well 😀

  5. I gotta go!!! 😀 I think we should all where our feltbeats/Tom Felton shirts if we have them! 😀

    Luv ya TONS, Tom!
    Your biggest fan, Mkay<3 xxx

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  7. p1:come on! pack up!
    p1:cause we’re going to the wizarding world of harry potter
    p2:you wish you can’t even buy some plane tickets
    p1:don’t worry i have one i have won in a raffle

    i wish they have a raffle or some kind of contest to win a ticket for 5 family members to the wizarding world of harry potter theme park to make it popular

    i wish some one who works at the universal orlando read this

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